Preschool Activities About Supermarkets

Written by krystal miller
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Preschool Activities About Supermarkets
Teach preschoolers about supermarkets through activities. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

When teaching your preschoolers about supermarkets, create some hands-on activities for them to do in the classroom or at home. Hands-on game activities will teach the young children about supermarkets in an entertaining way. Most preschoolers have a short attention span so it is best to prepare short and easy activities that they will not lose interest in too quickly.

Cashier Activities

Have the preschoolers use a play cash register to learn the duties of a cashier at a supermarket. Give the children fake food and boxes to "scan" at the cash register. For more fun, have one child push a shopping trolley around gathering the products. She will then bring them to the cashier and the cashier can check the items out on the register. After they finish, have the children switch roles so everyone has a chance to be the shopper and the cashier.

Scavenger Games

Hide several pieces of fake food around the play area and give each preschooler a shopping trolley. Tell children to find as many pieces as they can. Award the child who finds the most pieces of food or award participation prizes to all players. For another scavenger game, hide the food around the play area. Call out a food name like banana. Award a prize to the preschooler who can find the banana first. For a twist, divide the preschoolers into teams. Have one team hide the food and one team search for the food.

Food Scale Activities

Let the children use a food scale to see how much different fruits and vegetables weigh. Before starting the activity, have the preschoolers guess how much each food will weigh. Let each child have a chance to place one food item on the scale to weigh it. Compare their guesses with the actual weight of the food items. If you want to make this activity a game, award a prize to the preschooler who guessed closest to the correct weight on each item.

Money Games

Explain to the preschoolers that you must have money to buy items at a supermarket. Give each child a bag of play money and coins. Tell them how much each bill and coin is worth. Make this into an activity by calling out a specific amount like "50 cents." The children must show you what coins make 50 cents. Show the children the different ways you can make 50 cents. If you want to make this into a game, call out an amount like "20 cents" and the first child to show you 20 cents wins a prize.

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