Types & Shapes of Vases

Updated April 17, 2017

Vases, in some form, have been used for centuries. In ancient Greek culture they were both decorative and functional. Over the years, vases have continued to evolve and have become an essential decorative piece in modern culture. With a variety of styles and shapes available, one can easily find a vase that complements any decorating theme. Though vases are no longer used for tasks such as carrying water and mixing wine, they still play a prominent role in the homes of many.


Those who prefer simple elegance often opt for a square vase. These vases come in a number of sizes that allow them to be used for everything from decorative flowers to holding candles. The square vase is basic enough to fit into a casual decorating scheme, but elegant enough to allow its presence at a formal event as well. For more formal look, choose a square vase made from glass or crystal. The square style incorporates cube and tall, slender rectangular shapes.


Tulip vases are one of the most common types of vases in use. They are called tulip vases because they resemble a plant in their appearance. Tulip vases are easily recognised because they have a long, slender bodies with necks that flare and spread. The tip, or lip, of the vase is often ruffled. The most common use for tulip vases is to hold floral arrangements. They make excellent centrepieces and come in a variety of materials, including glass and crystal. Many use tulip vases in their homes as decorative pieces and also as decorative items for events such as weddings.


Bud vases are known as such simply because they are designed for a single flower, or bud. These small vases cannot hold much more than a small arrangement. They look best when used with a single flower, as they are intended. Bud vases are tall and slender, much like the tulip vases, or can be short and round. The most common use for bud vases is as a decorative centrepiece in the home.


The name of the hurricane vase comes from the hurricane shade. These shades are made of glass and used to protect candles from the wind. As with its namesake, the hurricane vase is made of glass and is often used to house candles. People often opt for the hurricane vase as a centrepiece at their weddings or other special events.

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