Things to Say on a Birthday Gift Tag for My Girlfriend

Updated March 23, 2017

Birthday gift tags are small in size, but they can make you draw a huge mental blank when it comes to filling them in. Often included with gift bags, these tiny cards eliminate the need for a separate card, but not the need for sweet sentiments. Honesty and creativity make a memorable message for your girlfriend's birthday gift tag.

Borrow from the Best

Chances are your girlfriend has an author whose work she admires or a band whose music she loves. Use a line of poetry, prose or song lyrics as the message for your gift card tag. Take a peak at her bookshelves or her MP3 player to see what songs and stories resonate with her and take your cue from those artists. If you're stumped for inspiration, check out websites like and for the perfect birthday bon mot. Other quote resources, like Quote Garden and Think Exist house a broader range of quotes that are categorised by theme and event.

Speaking in Code

Make the gift tag a fun and creative extension of your present by creating a coded message that she has to figure out in order to find her gift. The language of flowers has been used for centuries as a secret means of communication between lovers, with each blossom holding a special meaning. Give her a gift tag composed entirely of flower names and give her a matching bouquet once she figures out the meaning of your message. A simple cipher of your own design (1=A, 2=B and so on) is fun and creative, especially when the prize for figuring it out is a secret decoder ring of the engagement variety.

Redeeming Values

Your gift tag becomes an extra present when you make it into a personalised I.O.U coupon. Think about the little gestures that mean a great deal to your girlfriend, then design a coupon to match. They can be practical ("This coupon is good for one full week of dish washing duty"), romantic ("I.O.U. dinner and a movie on any night, anywhere you choose") or humorous ("This coupon allows the bearer to discard one item of my clothing that you cannot stand."). Draw a dotted line along the fold of the gift card to mimic the perforated tear of standard coupon sheets and "authorise" the coupon with a small stamp and your signature.

Keep it Simple

The best gift tag sentiments come from the heart. You don't have to worry about being witty or clever; a simple message that wishes her a happy birthday and tells her that you love her is enough. Honesty and sincerity are the keys to a great gift tag message. Brevity also helps; the small surface area of most gift tags does not mean that you have to write a novel of good wishes. One or two sentences are just fine.

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