Willy Wonka costume ideas

Written by mike jones | 13/05/2017
Willy Wonka costume ideas
Add a top hat to your Willy Wonka outfit. (Thomas Northcut/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Willy Wonka and the rest of the cast in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" had rather eccentric, yet appealing and colourful outfits that are perfect if you and your friends decide to go to a costume party as the Willy Wonka clan. The wild make-up, vibrant clothing and remarkable hairdos will definitely make people give you a second look.

Willy Wonka

A Willy Wonka outfit is composed of clothing in vibrant colours. All you need is a white shirt, a stylish purple jacket and purple trousers. Add a pair of purple shoes that match the clothes, a walking stick, some white make-up, a couple of handmade golden tickets and some chocolate bars. Rent or buy a tall, purple hat from a costume store to complete the look.

Oompa Loompa

If you want to sport the Oompa Loompa look, cover your face with orange make-up and brush some white make-up or lipstick on your eyebrows and lips. For the attire, you need some white braces, shorts, rubber shoes and a brown shirt. If you do not have any white braces, just stick two white strips of cloth on your shirt for the look. Last, but not least, wear a green wig with short, curled ends and a curl up top. If you cannot find a wig, colour your hair with washable hair dye.

Violet Beauregard

Violet Beauregard's costume is easy to create. Dig through your closet or visit a charity shop to get a baggy, blue jumpsuit. Choose a suit in cotton or some other lightweight fabric, and avoid denim. Puff the outfit up using cotton. If your jumpsuit does not come with cuffs, stitch some to the wrist and neckline area. Finish up the attire with a red belt with a gold buckle, and then put some dark blue make-up on your face.

Veruca Salt

If you or a friend wants to dress up as Veruca Salt, you will have to wear something classy and preppy. Find a red, conservative dress that falls about 8 cm (a few inches) above the knees. If you cannot find a dress that already has white cuffs and a white collar, just cut some cuffs and a collar from a piece of white cloth and sew them onto the wrists and neckline of the dress. Add a black fabric belt and some white stockings to complete the costume.

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