What Kind of Outfit Can You Wear With a Masquerade Mask?

Updated November 21, 2016

Party goers can choose to be incognito or dress extravagantly as the belle of the ball for a masquerade party. If you plan to wear a masquerade mask to the ball, choose one that reflects the mood of your outfit.

Themed Costume

Choose a theme for a costume that works well with a masquerade mask. Pick a famous character, someone who is adored or despised. A character style costume will make it easier to go incognito to the masquerade ball. For instance, dress up as a French aristocrat during the time of the French Revolution or go as a modern day hero.

Mysterious Black

Tone down an outfit to blend into the crowd and to play the role of the dark mysterious stranger by appearing in an all-black outfit. Wear a black suit, black slacks and a black polo sweater or a long black dress. Another idea is to go in tight-fitting black clothes such as a cat suit. Black capes also help to disguise the body shape of a person which aids the masquerade. Team the outfit with a costume hat and a plain black masquerade mask.

Sexy Dress

Wear a lavish, sexy dress -- long or short. A sequinned red or black evening dress worn with a flamboyant mask with glitter and feathers makes a dazzling and captivating costume. Throw a feather scarf around your shoulders to look like a foxy 1940s Hollywood star.

Bunny Suit

The partygoer may wish to go to the ball in a daring outfit. If you dare, wear pink hot trousers with a bunny tail, white fishnet pantyhose and a pink bikini top. Enhance the costume with white bunny ears and a pink and silver masquerade mask. Don a short shoulder cape to add modesty to the outfit, if desired.

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