LED Light Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Illuminate your craft projects with LED lights as a special touch. LED, or light-emitting diodes, come in a variety of sizes and colours for all craft project applications. Not only are LED lights safer to use than candles, they last longer. Use battery-powered LED lights to create handmade centrepiece crafts, which will set party tables aglow. Lighted crafts also make ideal home decor or gifts.

Glowing Wine Bottle

Recycle your empty wine bottles into glowing crafts, which you can use as special event table centrepieces. Wash out a wine bottle using warm, soapy water and allow it to thoroughly air dry. Decorate the outside of the bottle with acrylic paints and stencils. Create grapevine designs or festive, holiday-inspired patterns such as Christmas trees or Valentine's Day hearts. Feed a small string of white LED lights into the top of the bottle for hours of illumination.

Candle Holder

Design customised candle holders as birthday and holiday gifts. Start by decorating small, plain glass candle holders or small jars with acrylic paint. Create colourful flower designs, polka dots or stripes on the holders. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach flat-backed plastic or glass gems for a touch of glamour. Another decor option is to tie country-inspired raffia or ribbons into the bows around the holder. Complete the craft by inserting a LED tea light into the holder instead of a quick-burning candle.

Potpourri Jar

Lighted potpourri jars make sweet-scented holiday gifts for anyone on your list. The warmth from the LED lights will allow the potpourri mix to release even more scent. Fill a wide-mouth canning jar with a potpourri mix, such as cinnamon sticks, rose petals or scented pine cones, of your choice. Nestle a small LED light into the potpourri to illuminate the jar. Top the jar with a fabric or lace-covered lid for a decorative look.

Ghost Lights

Celebrate Halloween by helping your kids make ghostly lights using large glass jars. Make as many luminaries as you need to line your sidewalk or porch steps. Completely cover the jars with white acrylic paint and allow them to dry. Make spooky ghost faces on the jars using a permanent black marker or paint. Place one LED light into each jar to set off an eerie glow.

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