The best side items for steak

Updated July 20, 2017

Those who enjoy a good steak know it is even better when accompanied by full-flavoured, tasty side dishes. The rich, hearty flavour of steak goes great with a wide variety of vegetables, potatoes and even some rice and pasta dishes. The key to selecting side dishes for a steak meal are to chose those that are healthful and light, yet full of flavour to complement, not overpower, the main course. Experimenting with a variety of options ensures a great steak dinner every time.

Steak and Potatoes

Most people automatically think of potatoes when they think of steak, because the two have been served together for generations. With so many ways to make potatoes into flavourful side dishes, you can not go wrong pairing the two to create a satisfying meal. French fried and baked potatoes are popular choices, though experimenting adds diversity to the dishes. Try French fried sweet potatoes for a unique treat, or twice-baked potatoes for a twist on the traditional side. Creamy mashed potatoes with added garlic, parsley or cheese create satisfying combinations. Potatoes cut into wedges, rubbed with chilli powder and baked until slighly golden brown make a zesty side dish. For a quick and easy potato dish, boiled potatoes covered with butter and chives are irrestistable with a juicy steak.

Rice or Pasta

Serving rice or pasta with steak instead or potatoes makes a nice variation in your choice of starch to complete the meal. The mild yet flavourful taste of either dish enhances the boldness of the popular red meat. Plain, steamed rice with a few chopped vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes or peppers complement steak soaked in a zesty marinade. Pasta goes well with steak and sauce. Mushroom, blue cheese or simple steak sauce doubles as a topping for the pasta, combining the two perfectly together.

Vegetables and Steak

Most vegetables complement any type of steak when prepared and chosen properly. A crisp texture and tangy flavour goes much better with the meal than vegetables that are cooked too long or lack flavour. A classic salad with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions and other choice vegetables makes a great beginning for a steak dinner. Corn on the cob adds crunch and a sweet taste to the meal. Green vegetables that are not too overpowering, such as steamed broccoli or cooked green beans, are complementary sides to a bold steak. A vegetable mixture such as peas and carrots or squash and cauliflower also complete a steak dinner perfectly.

Unique Ideas

If you are looking for something different to add flavour and zest to you steak meal, sauté onions with mushrooms or peppers. This flavourful combination can even be served on top of the steak, which brings all of the flavours together in each bite. Hash-browned potatoes is a twist on traditional potato dishes that adds rich flavour to a steak meal. For light options, raw vegetables sliced and served with vinaigrette make a unique steak side item. Collard greens topped with hot sauce, or spinach sautéed with olive oil, are also side dishes not commonly served with steak, but go great with the bold main course. Steak can also be served with seafood for a great surf and turf meal. Pair your main course with shrimp, scallops or lobster for a rich and satisfying combination.

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