Ways of Folding a Paper Napkin With the Eating Utensils

Written by rebekah martin
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Ways of Folding a Paper Napkin With the Eating Utensils
Fold your paper napkins just like in a fancy restaurant. (David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The art of napkin folding has been around for a long while; you typically see it at fancy functions or upscale restaurants. You don't have to save folded napkins for a special occasion, however. You can make your own with paper napkins for your next picnic or informal party.


Purchase large napkins for your table setting. The largest ones you can find will work the best. Purchase napkins that match the table setting and decor. Make sure you have enough for each table setting, as well as several extras just in case of spills or extra messes.


If you are using paper napkins, you can certainly use silverware. If the setting is particularly casual, such as a backyard picnic, plastic utensils are also appropriate. If using plastic utensils, ensure that they are all the same colour; for example, all white or all clear. You should have enough for each guest to have a fork, knife and spoon. Again, have extras in case some are dropped on the ground.

Diamond Pocket Fold

The Diamond Pocket Fold is a very simple fold that looks very elegant. Turn the folded paper napkin so the folded corner is toward you; the square should look like a diamond from your viewpoint. At the top, pull the first napkin layer down until it reached the point at the bottom. Crease it well. Carefully grasp the next layer at the top point and pull it down; don't pull it down all the way to the point. Leave about an inch. Repeat with the third layer at the top. You now should have a pocket at the top. Fold the edges back behind the pocket and slip the utensils into the pocket at the front.

Basic Pocket Fold

The Basic Pocket Fold is very quick and easy, yet it can still look fancy. Place your pre-folded paper napkin on the table with the open corner at the top. Pick up the top layer from the open corner and fold it down until it meets the bottom corner. Press the fold flat with your hand. Turn the napkin over and fold the side corners in until they meet in the middle; press the folds flat with your hand again. Turn the napkin back over and slip the silverware into the pocket you have created.


The Napkin Roll is also very simple to do. If your napkin comes pre-folded, unfold one fold so you have a long rectangle. Place your bundle of utensils at one end of the napkin; they will probably stick out above and below the napkin. Roll the napkin around the utensils until you reach the end of the napkin. Slide the entire roll through a napkin ring. You can also use ribbon or string to securely tie the napkin roll.

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