The Best Neutral Colors to Match With Gray Floors & White Walls

Updated November 21, 2016

Neutral colours are relaxing and comfortable. Starting with grey floors and white walls gives you a versatile colour combination to work with -- especially if you want to combine them with neutral colours. The solid grey flooring gives rooms a concrete foundation, while white walls open up rooms. Look for neutral colours that you enjoy and that match your style of decor


Beige is a traditional neutral colour for almost anything in the home. Most shades of beige are warm. Don't be fooled by thinking beige is boring. The colour comes in many shades and hues and when used with window treatments, pillows, rugs and furniture, beige brings a sense of stability to rooms. Light-coloured furnishings in pine or oak offer a pleasing combination with grey floors and white walls. Use window treatments with beige stripes to bring character into rooms and add rugs with the same shade of beige to pull the look together.


Sage is a light greenish-grey colour that coordinates well with grey and white. It brings a much-needed colour into the mix without upsetting the balance of the mood. Sage is neutral enough that it will not make a room feel overwhelmed with colour. Try it on sofa and chair cushions as well as window treatments that reach from the ceiling to the floor. With plants in rooms, this colour combination will make your guests feel relaxed and refreshed.


Black is bold but it is also neutral. With dark floors and light walls, black furnishings bring stability and balance to rooms. Black also goes with many styles of decor -- from modern to country. Used moderately, black stripes in window treatments and pillows bring contrast to grey and white rooms. Black trim, ironwork and frames will unify a room without being overwhelming.


A shade of grey lighter than the colour of your floor will coordinate wonderfully with white walls. This look is modern as well as clean and you'll find there are endless possibilities for the shades of grey you can choose. Use different hues to add character to your rooms and find rugs, vases and fabrics with texture to add depth.

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