Cheats to Finish the Whole Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Cities Stories

Written by brenton shields
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Cheats to Finish the Whole Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Cities Stories
The codes for the PSP and PS2 versions of Liberty City Stories are the same. (Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is an open-world game available for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable (PSP) consoles. The game features numerous cheat codes, for such things as replenishing ammo and health, that will make it easier to finish it. The cheats and codes are the same for both consoles if you treat the PS2's "R1" and "L1" buttons as "R" and "L," respectively, on the PSP.

Replenish Health

This code will completely refill your health bar, which can be useful during a firefight to avoid dying. You can even use it to repair the damage on your car while driving. Sequentially press "L1," "R1," "X," "L1," "R1," "Square," "L1," "R1" to activate the code.

Replenish Armor

Enter "L1," "R1," "Circle," "L1," "R1," "X," "L1," "R1" during the game to replenish your body armour. The body armour will essentially serve as an extra health bar, letting you take twice the damage.

No Wanted Level

The Wanted Level indicates how aggressively the cops will pursue you, which can hinder your progress in the game. Enter "L1," "L1," "Triangle," "R1," "R1," "X," "Square," "Circle" during the game to completely disable your Wanted Level.

Extra Money

You use money to purchase weapons and ammo, which are used during missions to make gameplay easier. Press "L1," "R1," "Triangle," "L1," "R1," "Circle," "L1," "R1" while playing to give yourself an extra £162,500.

Car Jumping

Enter the code "L1," "Up," "Left," "R1," "Triangle," "Circle," "Down," "X" during the game to give any car the ability to hop, which can help you jump over traffic jams while evading police. Press "Down" on the directional pad for either console to make the car hop.

Water Driving

Press "Circle," "X," "Down," "Circle," "X," "Up," "L1," "L1" while playing to enable water driving. You will be able to drive cars over water with the code activated. This can help you evade police, who will not be able to chase you.

Replenish Ammo/All Weapons

These codes will give the player access to a unique set of weapons as well as give each weapon full ammo. Enter "Up," "Square," "Square," "Down," "Left," "Square," "Square," "Right" to unlock brass knuckles, Molotov cocktails and a flame-thrower. Press "Up," "Circle," "Circle," "Down," "Left," "Circle," "Circle," "Right" to give your character a katana, grenades and a rocket launcher. And enter "Up," "X," "X," "Down," "Left," "X," "X," "Right" to unlock a chainsaw, sniper rifle and mini-gun.

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