Circus Skit Ideas for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Forget about waiting for the circus to come to town: kids can create their own big top performance with playful circus skits. With brightly coloured decorations and scenery, creative costumes and entertaining skits, children and their audience will have fun putting on their very own circus skits.


A skit is just a skit without the right scenery. Transform an ordinary act into a circus-inspired skit by creating your very own big top. Create a fun, energetic scene by hanging banners and flags in bold primary colours. Red, blue and yellow balloons also add a pop of colour. Cover surfaces, such as tables or benches, in bright red fabric, then sprinkle them in confetti. Other decorative touches, such as polka-dotted paper lanterns and clown pinatas will help create the feeling of being at a circus.


Kids can look like part of the circus with costumes. Simple get-ups, such as red T-shirts and tanks, black top hats or hair ribbons provide a simple way to look festive. To clown around, children can don random articles of clothing with clashing colours, paint their faces with face paint, and top it off with a wild wig. Tightrope walkers or acrobats can wear leotards and tutus, as well as a little make-up.

Clowning Skits

A show of circus skits should include a handful of clowning acts. Clowning skits can take an ordinary situation and turn it into a comedy with some goofy actions (such as a silly waddle), funny props (like a rubber chicken) and some puns or jokes. For instance, a skit involving two clowns trying to have a conversation but constantly mishearing each other, similar to the game of telephone, is sure to get a lot of laughs. For instance, one clown can ask another what she is doing. When she answers, "Taking care of business," the other clown can reply, "Baking carrot biscuits? I love carrot biscuits!" Other clown skits can be more physical. For instance, a clown playing leap frog may take advantage of his buddy's bent over position and give him a (fake, of course) kick.

Other Circus Skits

Include a mixture of other circus skits to add some variety to the show. For instance, include a tightrope-walking skit, in which a tightrope walker walks across a tightrope, or a skipping rope laid on the lawn. A lion tamer skit, with a child dressed in leopard print and another as a lion tamer, will be a lighthearted skit that can be squeezed in between clowning skits. Other skits, such as dance performances, ring master acts, juggling and other performances, make the show more entertaining.

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