50s Grease Themed Clothing Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The 1978 movie "Grease" was an award-winning blockbuster. Besides memorable songs, the actors wore a variety of 1950s costumes. If you have a costume party or other upcoming event where you need to dress in the style of the 1950s, you can get some great ideas from "Grease."

The T-Birds

The cooler members of the T-Birds almost always wore black leather jackets in the movie "Grease." These jackets were traditionally coupled with white T-shirts and blue jeans. The jeans were straight legged or even rolled at the ankle and worn with black boots. Other members of the T-Birds would wear waist-length jackets in plaid or herringbone fabric. These jackets were paired with jeans and Converse high-top sneakers. The T-Birds wore their hair slicked back with grease into a 1950s style ducktail. Part the hair in the centre, slick it back with grease on both sides and spray to hold in place.

The Pink Ladies

Some actresses in the movie were part of an all-girl gang called the Pink Ladies, who wore pink, satin jackets. The jackets were collared and zipped up the front and had the girl's name embroidered on the front. The jackets were generally worn over pencil skirts or full, poodle-style skirts. Girls would often wear full slips underneath the skirts so they would flair. The skirts were worn with pumps or black and white saddle shoes. Add a neck scarf to complete the look. At the end of the movie, Sandy wears a memorable outfit of tight black, satin leggings, a black off-the shoulder top and a close fitting black leather jacket. Pair this outfit with a pair of red leather heels, lots of make-up and big, curly hair.

The Dance

Wear a suit taken from the dance scene in "Grease" where the students enter a televised dance contest. Danny wears a black, two-piece suit paired with a bright pink long-sleeve shirt. Add pink socks and a pink handkerchief in the breast pocket, flip up the collar and add a pair of black shoes. Sandy and the other girls wear either strapless or halter-top, pastel dresses with full skirts. Add a full slip under the dress to make the skirt flounce. Nylon stockings and high-heel sandals complete the look.

The Dream

Dress like the actresses in Frenchy's Beauty School Drop-out scene by wearing a mid-thigh, silver tunic. Add nylon stockings and silver, high-heeled sandals. The extravagant headpieces worn by the actresses contained silver rollers that were horizontal in rows from the front and sides of the head. Or dress like Frenchy in her pink beauty school button-down, belted dress and pastel-pink wig.

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