Safety Gates for Stair Banisters That Don't Line Up

Updated July 20, 2017

The No. 1 reason that safety gates aren't installed correctly is asymmetrical installation locations like stair banisters or wall ends that don't line up perfectly. Special safety gates called "angle-mounted" have been developed and can be installed in almost any location in your home. Protect your children and pets from danger by correctly installing angle-mounted safety gates in your home.

Angle-Mount Safeway by KidCo

The Angle-Mount Safeway is a special version of the highly rated Safeway Safety Gate. The Angle-Mount Safeway is a hardware-mounted gate that can be installed in any desired position. This gate can be opened with one hand and features quick-release hardware for easy removal. The Angle-Mount is made of steel for durability, and it stands 31 inches high. It fits basic openings from 28 to 42 1/2 inches and is available in white and black.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special

The Stairway Special by Cardinal Gates works where other baby safety gates won't and is simple to install. The Stairway Special can by mounted at angles up to 30 degrees, but it can also be mounted straight across for standard doorways. Made of all metal, this sturdy gate can fit openings up to 42 1/2 inches and can also be locked to open in only one direction. Quite versatile, the Stairway Special can also be used on deck stairways to babyproof your home's outdoor area.

Angle-Mount Wood Safeway by KidCo

As the leader in angle-mount safety gates, KidCo developed a second version of its Angle-Mount Safeway safety gate. The newest version is no longer made of steel but of wood in a natural finish. The Wood Safeway has all of the same features as the original Angle-Mount Safeway, including Angle-Mount hardware, but the Wood Safeway's natural finish enables it to blend in to the home decor. It fits standard openings of 28 1/2 to 43 inches.

Installation Kits

If your gate installation area is wider than 43 inches, or if your stair banisters are not made of wood, there are several options available to help you install your angle-mount safety gate. Extension and banister kits are available from KidCo and from many baby safety companies like, who sell KidCo and Cardinal safety gates. Banister kits can help you install your Angle-Mount safety gate into wrought-iron or spindle banisters.

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