Homemade Turtle Crafts

Written by angela sanzone
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Homemade Turtle Crafts
If you aren't ready for a live turtle, make a turtle craft instead. (Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

If you are planning a school lesson on turtles, have kids that love turtles or are preparing to get a turtle as a family pet, try some turtle crafts. Most of the materials for these crafts are everyday, household items. Since many crafts can be completed in less than an hour, you don't need to pick just one.

Paper Bowl Turtle

This turtle craft doubles as a pull-along toy after completion. To make this craft, you will need a paper bowl, green construction paper, paint, markers and a piece of string. Flip the bowl upside down and trace it on a green sheet of construction paper. Remove the bowl and create a turtle drawing out of your circle by adding legs, a head and a tail to the circle-shaped body. Draw eyes and a mouth on the head. Cut out the paper turtle and set aside. With the bowl still upside down, punch a hole about 1 inch up from the rim. Paint the bowl green or tan to make a turtle's shell. When dry, use markers or paint to add details to the shell. Push a string through the hole and knot the end that is inside the bowl. This is your pull string. Glue the shell on top the turtle paper, let it dry and take your turtle for a walk.

Turtle Mask

To make a turtle mask, download a free template or create your own. To create your own mask, you need a sheet of green construction paper, a string of elastic, scissors, a stapler and a marker. Print any image of a turtle face and trace the outline onto the green paper. Cut out the face. Cut out two eye holes. Use the marker to draw the nose and mouth. Staple a string of elastic around the mask to hold it in place.

Turtle Sock Puppet

For this craft, you will need to buy a pair of green socks. Cut four small circles out of one sock to make the feet. Use a black marker to draw eyes near the toe portion of the other sock. Flip two paper plates over and paint one to resemble a turtle's back shell and the other to resemble a turtle's front shell. Use two staples to attach the shell pieces together. The two staples should be directly across from each other so that there is still room to stick your arm through the paper-plate shell. Staple the turtle feet onto the edges of the shell, put the green sock on your hand and squeeze your arm through the shell.

Clay Shell Turtle

You need a small clay garden saucer for this craft. The clay saucer creates a realistic turtle shell. If you do not have a clay saucer you can use a paper plate. Flip the saucer over and paint it green. Dip your thumb in tan paint and press all over the saucer to add details to the saucer shell. Let it dry, and place the saucer over a sheet of green foam. Trace the saucer on the foam. Add feet, a head and tail to the traced circle. Cut out the turtle outline and glue the saucer on top.

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