Ancient Egyptian Things I Can Make

Updated April 17, 2017

Ancient Egyptian culture has mystified people for centuries. In addition to their rich history, the ancient Egyptians crafted intricate artefacts and stunning artwork which are still admired today. Celebrate and learn about this fascinating ancient lifestyle with ancient Egyptian crafts that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Paint Papyrus

Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian plant which grew near the Nile River, was used as their form of paper. Papyrus was also used for painting and is a classic example of ancient Egyptian artwork. If you want to create your own papyrus painting, you can purchase plain papyrus paper online or from speciality art stores and paint it any way you want. Paintings were usually done in bright colours and rich with symbols, usually telling a story. After your painting is dry, you can frame it and hang it on your walls or give it as a gift to someone who also appreciates Egyptian artefacts.


Hieroglyphics are the ancient Egyptian pictogram system. Each character symbolises a letter. Study the different hieroglyphics and learn how to write your own name. Carve the pictures into wood or clay, or paint the symbols on canvas, papyrus or pottery. Usually names were spelt out in an oval shape called a cartouche. Another idea is to put together symbols that you feel are representative of your personality.

Soap Carvings

Ancient Egyptians are admired for their elaborate sculptures and carvings. In addition to stone and metal, ancient Egyptians also carved designs into soap. Create an Egyptian-themed soap by carving a scarab out of a bar of soap. These scarabs, or beetles, were worshipped by the ancient Egyptian people. Other carving ideas are the Eye of Horus or the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life.


To celebrate the food of this historic time, create dishes reminiscent of what ancient Egyptians typically ate. Wheat and barley were the main grains cultivated by Egyptians during this period. Make a main course with fish, turnips, cabbage, leeks and bread. To finish off your meal with something sweet, snack on figs, dates and grapes, which are still favourite foods today. Sip on some mint tea or rose water, both Egyptian favourites.

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