Signs a woman is seducing you

Updated March 23, 2017

If a woman is trying to seduce you, she will likely use subtle, underhanded and nonverbal methods. The overwhelming odds are she won't explicitly tell you she's interested in you. You need to be on the lookout for various behaviours, such as body language, flirtatious speaking and other such subtle signs.


If a woman is interested in you and wants to seduce you, she will likely mirror your behaviour. This means she will do the same body language as you (such as moving her arm in a particular way), or she will repeat a word that you often use. So, if you see elements of your personality emerging in a woman you are talking to, she is probably trying to seduce you.

Inquiry and Admiration

A woman who wants to seduce you will want to learn more about you. She'll ask you questions about your job, your personal life, family and the other things that make you, you. What's more, she'll express admiration when you give her this information. If she says something, such as, "Wow, you're a carpenter? I've always wanted to be able to work with my hands," then she is probably seducing you.


A woman who is trying to seduce you will find you fun to be around. If you find that she is literally laughing at all your jokes, she is probably trying to seduce you.


A woman who is trying to seduce you will touch you and herself a lot. She will fondle her hair, touch your arm and generally be physically active. This basic level of intimacy is a precursor for things to come, and you should ask yourself if she would touch her friends and family the way she's touching you.

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