Elvis Costume Ideas

Written by sue stepp | 13/05/2017
Elvis Costume Ideas
Make your own Elvis costume for any occasion. (Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

When a person thinks of Elvis Presley, blue suede shoes, capes, rhinestones and jumpsuits come to mind. Throughout Elvis' career, his style of clothing went from calm to flashy and glitzy. Many people dress up like Elvis for costume parties, special events or Halloween. Creating an Elvis Presley costume is simple. There is a costume for every important point in Elvis' career.

Military Elvis Costume

Elvis went into the Army early in his career. When Elvis left the military, he was a sergeant. Create a costume of Elvis in the Army by getting some G.I. clothing from a military surplus or thrift store. Put on a short, black wig if you have long hair. Put gel in your hair or in the wig, and slick back your hair like Elvis', and you're ready.

Hawaiian Elvis

Creating a costume of Elvis from the movie "Blue Hawaii" is simple. Get a pair of white trousers, a red Hawaiian shirt with white flowers, a yellow Hawaiian lei and a ukulele. Leave the top shirt button unbuttoned, and don't tuck in the shirt. Put on a short, black wig if you have long hair. Put gel in your hair or in the wig, and slick back your hair like Elvis' hair in the movie.

Older Elvis Costume

As Elvis aged, he gained a pretty good bit of weight. Elvis wore very flashy tight jumpsuits with lots of sequins. You need a white tight-fitting jumpsuit with bell-bottoms, white high-collar knit shirt, white cape and white boots. Glue bright metallic sequins or rhinestones on the jumpsuit and cape. Find a big, bulky, glitzy belt, and wear it with the jumpsuit. Fix your hair or wig like Elvis. Finish off the costume by adding fake sideburns or grow your own. Don't forget the sunglasses.

Accessories for Elvis Costumes

Think of accessories for the costume you make. If it's Elvis in the military, add military gear from the time period. Things like a guitar with a strap works well for Elvis because he always had his guitar for singing to the ladies. Big, bulky rings or gold chains work well with Elvis' jumpsuit.

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