Puzzle Cube Paper Crafts

Written by kirsten anderberg
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Puzzle Cube Paper Crafts
Make paper cube puzzles from templates available online. (Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Paper cube puzzles can be created from free templates which can be downloaded and printed from the Internet. Paper Rubik's cubes, Soma cubes, tangrams, pentominoes and other cube puzzles can be cut and assembled from templates online. Cube puzzles reinforce spatial math and geometry skills and have an educational component in addition to artistic and entertainment qualities.

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Paper Checkered Cube Puzzle

Canon Papers offers a free template on its website (cp.c-ij.com) to make a checkered cube puzzle which includes a puzzle holder and seven cube puzzle pieces. The template is printed, then puzzle pieces are cut and assembled. The goal of the game is to arrange the seven cubed pieces in the holder with a checkerboard pattern on all sides. There are 21 possible solutions possible to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle Cube Paper Crafts
Canon Paper's has a checkered cube puzzle template on its site. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Paper Animal Cube Puzzle

Canon Papers has another online template for an animal cube puzzle (cp.c-ij.com) made out of paper. The template includes printer settings and recommended papers, as well as instructions to play the puzzle. Canon's template for an animal cube puzzle can be printed, then the cubes and cube holders can be cut and assembled. Players match cube sides with animal pictures, names, sounds and the number of animals in a number game.

Puzzle Cube Paper Crafts
Make and play an animal cube game which matches sounds, names and numbers to animal pictures. (David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Red, Yellow and Blue Geometric Pattern Paper Cube Puzzles

Canon Paper has cube geometry puzzle templates (cp.c-ij.com). Thirty-six 3cm cubes with different line patterns are printed, cut and assembled, then arranged to create a variety of geometric patterns. This puzzle comes in red, blue and yellow or can be printed in black and white. Geometric and spatial math skills are used to assemble the cubes into one of the possible patterns.

Puzzle Cube Paper Crafts
Make geometry patterns from 36 paper cubes with lines on them using a Canon Papers' template. (Stephen Schauer/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Origami Rubik's Cube, Pentominoes and Soma Cube Puzzles

Templates for a paper equivalent of a Rubik's cube and 3-D pentominoes (www1.zetosa.com) are available at the Origami Nut website. One pattern teaches users how to make a Rubik's cube out of seven pieces which mimic the pieces in a Tetris game but in 3-D. Another puzzle pattern on this site offers a Soma cube puzzle (dev.origami.com) made from six cube pieces resembling Sonobe modules, which can be played like 3-D dominoes or tangrams, in addition to the cube puzzle.

Puzzle Cube Paper Crafts
Print out cube puzzle templates from Origami Nut's site and play 3-D dominoes. (Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Getty Images)

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