Gutter Clutter Cleaning Tools

Written by asba lee
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Gutter Clutter Cleaning Tools
Clean your gutters regularly. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Use inexpensive gutter cleaning tools to avoid costly home repair bills. Gutters are troughs mounted on the eaves of structures, designed to catch and direct rainwater away from roofs. Mouldy interior walls or ceilings in bedrooms and attics are often attributable to overflowing gutters. Regular gutter cleaning is especially important during spring and fall, because blossoms and autumn leaves are major causes of blocked gutters.


A ladder is an important gutter cleaning tool, because the inside section of the gutter isn't visible from the ground. Choose a strong and stable ladder for gutter cleaning, one that easily supports your weight and feels secure underfoot while both your hands are busily employed with gutter cleaning tools. Wooden ladders are cheap, strong and stable, but must be stored carefully to avoid broken rungs from rot or insect damage. Wooden ladders are also heavier than those made from aluminium or fibreglass. While cleaning your gutters, you'll be moving the ladder once for every 5 feet of guttering, to avoid the dangers of overreaching. Aluminium ladders are more expensive, but are lighter and won't suffer from exposure to the elements. They're also immune to the ravages of insects, such as termites.

Garden Hose Pipes

Garden hose pipes are essential gutter clutter cleaning tools. A blast of water from your hose loosens tough, dried dirt deposits, demonstrates how well the gutters are draining, and washes away small debris and accumulated sediment. A final flush with your hosepipe is a finishing touch, carried out after all the major clutter has been manually removed and you've cleaned any sections that require scrubbing to remove hard deposits of dirt. When you insert your hose pipe into a section of gutter and see clean water freely running out of the connected downspout, you know your gutters are clear of obstructions. Hose pipe cleaning has a major advantage over cleaning gutters with pressure washers. The less pressurised flow of water from a hose doesn't exacerbate gutter clutter problems by compacting the debris together the way a high pressure stream of water can.

Work Gloves

Work gloves are gutter cleaning tools that also offer vital protection from injury for your hands during this messy chore. The contents of your gutters can include almost anything, from sharp sticks to deposits of mouldy leaves and slimy dirt. Gloves also protect your hands from damage by the sharp edges of aluminium guttering, as well as contact with bird droppings which can carry disease. Protective gloves permit you to use both hands as a scoop, or to remove debris in tight sections where other gutter cleaning tools are not effective. Work gloves made from leather are expensive, but extremely tough and hard-wearing. Cotton gloves offer less protection for your hands and quickly become heavy from absorbing water. Thick rubber gloves are inexpensive and offer a reasonable amount of protection from injury.

Gutter Scoops

Gutter scoops speed up the clutter cleaning task by extending your reach and allowing you to remove debris quickly, without direct contact between your hands and the gutter's wet and mouldy contents. Scoops hold more dirt and debris than you can carry in your hands. They provide an effective way to remove large blockages of leaves. Measure your gutters to see what size scoop is required, then either purchase one from a local home improvement store, or use a homemade version, cut from a sturdy gallon juice or milk container.

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