The best greige colors for walls

Updated February 21, 2017

Greige, a combination of grey and beige tones, is an attractive but subdued colour that is suitable to grace the walls of a modern home. Greige is also the combination of a warm and cool neutral shade (brown and grey), so decorations and furniture on both sides of the colour wheel will look good in a greige space.

Dark Greige

A dark grey that is somewhat charcoal in colour with tinges of tan works well in a room where dark and medium brown furniture is featured. A cocoa or cinnamon-coloured sofa looks especially warm and inviting against a dark greige wall. Furniture pieces in lighter colours add a nice contrast to a room painted a dark greyish brown colour as well, like an oat or wheat-coloured loveseat decorated with light tan, nearly white throw pillows. An intense shade of grey also pairs well with wall panelling in a pronounced colour like black or chocolate brown.


Greige shades that appear slightly more brown than grey can make a room feel welcoming and provide a suitable palette for wam-coloured furniture. For instance, a brown-greige living room wall will make a hot pink chaise seem a little less overwhelming since grey and pink match well and brown and pink are in the same colour family. Metallic shades of bronze and gold will stand out in a brownish-grey room as well. Bronze panelling will help to bring out the grey in the walls while blending with the brown tinges; gold adds a slightly yellow effect, which will give the room an understated "silver and gold" look.


Some light and medium greige paints are tinged with purple since grey and purple are visually appealing together. Some intense shades of brown are also mixed with purple; since purple is the mixture of a warm colour (red) and a cool colour (blue), furniture and panelling from either hue family can make the room more attractive. For instance, a black leather couch with lavender throw pillows will complement the wall well and so will a burnt orange couch with aubergine pillows. A lighter coloured panelling is suitable for this shade of greige and can make the room seem slightly more open; classic white or ivory is an attractive choice.

Light Greige

A light greige that is almost off-white is the best choice for a room adorned with pastel and white furniture. Whitish greige gives the room more openness and attracts more light to the room so that the space is bright and inviting. Cream-coloured armchairs with light wood accents are a sophisticated choice for a room painted light greige. If the room has hardwood floors, a plush area rug in a pastel green or pink shade will add a sense of harmony or simplistic beauty. Panelling colours in a light colour from the cool family, like blue or green, will lend an air of tranquillity to a pastel greige room.

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