Bible Crafts for Cain & Abel

Updated July 20, 2017

The well-known Bible story of Cain and Abel can be found in Genesis 4:1-16. Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel were treated similarly and were given the priesthood and much responsibly at home. Cain dishonoured his priesthood and was tempted by Satan to become wicked. Abel honoured his priesthood and made sacrifices unto God. After Cain made repeated bad choices he was jealous of his brother's success and with Satan's help, decided to kill Abel. Cain was cursed by God and shut out of his presence. After teaching this Bible story, a great way to add to the lesson is by allowing class members to make a craft.


Abel's livelihood was attained by being a shepherd. He offered righteous offerings to the Lord by sacrificing lambs. Cain was a farmer and offered unacceptable offerings to the Lord. Make a lamb craft by cutting out a lamb shape out of black foam and wrapping the body with cream or white coloured yarn. Use a googly eye and a little ribbon around its neck for detail. Explain that when we act righteously as Abel did, the Lord will bless us.

My Brother's Keeper

Teach the students that Cain asked the Lord, "Am I my brother's keeper?" when the Lord questioned him after Abel was killed. Explain that we are to care for our "brothers" and be kind to them. Make a puzzle to reinforce this verse. Print a picture of two brothers hugging or smiling together onto a sheet of printer paper. Use a glue stick to adhere it to card stock. Draw a few puzzle lines (at least six or seven) and then cut on the lines. The puzzle is ready to play with and can be stored in a sandwich bag for travel.

Shepherd and Farmer

Using the professions of Cain and Abel as inspiration, make lunch sack puppets. You can create an Abel puppet that is a shepherd and a Cain puppet that is a farmer. Use brown paper lunch sacks as the base for the puppets and decorate them with googly eyes, string, markers, fabric scraps and any other craft items on hand. Other characters to include could be Adam, Eve, God and animals relevant to the story. Once the puppets are complete, allow class members to act out the story.

Toddler Craft

A great craft for preschool and toddler children is to decorate a colouring page with craft items. Print off a colouring page of a lamb for each child. Demonstrate how to glue cotton balls to the lamb's body to make him soft and fluffy. Next, help the children to draw an eye with a marker and glue on a black construction paper ear (that you have provided). While the lamb dries, be sure to explain why the lamb is relevant to the story.

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