Hotpoint Washer is Leaking in Spin Cycle

Written by misty faucheux | 13/05/2017

Hotpoint is a brand of appliances sold by GE Appliances, a division of the General Electric Company. This company offers washing machines, which have spin cycles like all washing machines. The spin cycle moves water out of the tub, and it is the last cycle before the washer shuts off. If your Hotpoint washer is leaking during the spin cycle, troubleshoot and repair this problem yourself, avoiding service fees.

Drain Hose/Plumbing

Your Hotpoint washer most often leaks during the spin cycle if the drain hose is not connected properly. Examine the hose, and tighten the connections if they are loose. See if the hose is clogged with debris, which can also cause leaks. Dig out clogs with a plastic utensil. Verify that your home plumbing isn't backed up. If so, clean with plumbing supplies, or contact a licensed plumber.


The pump pushes water out of the washing machine during the spin cycle. The pump can also leak if the plastic housing that surrounds it cracks. Also, check the hoses that enter and exit the pump. Look for small puncture spots or splits. If any of these components are broken, you usually have to replace the entire pump. You normally can't fix individual parts of the pump.

Main Tub Seal/Outer Tub

If your Hotpoint washer is leaking during the spin cycle, check the main tub seal and the outer tub. Since your tub is completely filled with water during this cycle, leaks caused by cracks in the seal or tub are more noticeable. Scoop out the water with a bucket, and unplug the washing machine. Remove the main access panel, and see if the main tub seal is punctured or brittle. Replace it. Examine the outer tub, and see if it is cracked or rusted out. This is a hard and expensive repair; consider purchasing a new washing machine.

Other Leaks

You may only notice the leaks when the tub is filled with water, but the leak may also be happening at other times. Check the door seal. If it's falling off or cracked, your washer leaks. Replace the seals. Tighten the connections on the fill hoses. Verify that the fill washers are installed and properly seated. Check the water inlet valve. It has a tube that runs through the centre of it. Look for punctures, and get a new tube. If the valve itself is leaking, you need a new one since this part is difficult to repair. Clean the detergent dispenser if clogged.

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