Special ideas for goody bags for 10-year-olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Gift bags are great favours to hand out to kids at a party or a special get together. Goody bags, as they are called, commonly are given out at the end of the party to thank kids for attending and to let them leave with a souvenir of the event. Goody bags often tie in with the theme of the party. There are several ways you can make special age-appropriate goody bags that 10-year olds will love. Make sure to personalise each bag with the recipient's name so that kids will feel extra special.

Take and Bake Goody Bag

Ordinary goody bags include prepackaged candy and treats. Make your goody bags extra special by creating a take and bake goody bags. Fill decorative bags with a recipe and plastic bags of pre-measured, dry ingredients needed to make a special batch of cookies or desserts. Include one or two "samples" of the recipe in the bag. This goody bag gives kids the ingredients and incentive needed to make a dessert with their parents or a special friend. Many 10-year-olds love experimenting with baking desserts and will find this goody bag a delightful departure from their normal bag filled with candy.

Larger Item

A great way to make goody bags for 10-year-olds extra special is to fill them with one large item instead of several small items. Fill each bag with an item such as the latest toy, a popular CD that kids are listening to, or a sports item such as a volleyball or a skipping rope. Many times, kids will appreciate one larger toy they can enjoy for an extended period of time rather than several small items they will use or discard within a few days.

Arts and Crafts

Many 10-year-old kids enjoy the opportunity to do arts and crafts alone, with friends, or with their parents. For example, put a plain white T-shirt and several colours of puff fabric paint inside the bag to encourage kids to decorate their own T-shirt. Another idea is to take a picture at the beginning of the party, print copies, and put them in goody bags for each child. Along with the picture, include a plain wood frame and some decorative paints so that each kid can decorate her frame and display the party picture inside.

Seasonal Theme

If your party does not have a specific theme, create a themed bag that has to do with the season. For example, if you are hosting a party in summer, put swim goggles, small toy water guns or inexpensive flip flops in the bag. For a spring party, look for an inexpensive kite or a pair of sunglasses. For parties in the fall, consider putting Halloween-themed items in the bag. In the winter, send party guests off with a brightly coloured pair of gloves and some packets of hot cocoa. The local dollar store should have many of these items.

Theme Bags

Goody bags also can fit in with the theme of your party. For example, if you throw a Hawaiian or beach-themed party, put fabric flowers, beads and brightly coloured string in the bags so kids can make their own Hawaiian leis when they get home.

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