Clothes to Wear to Court

Attending court requires a level of professionalism, from behaviour to clothing. Appropriate attire for court is the same type of clothing worn to job interview. The jury will see how you are dressed and your personal presentation plays a key into its decision. Dressing appropriately adds credibility.


Slacks are a good option for both men and women to wear to court. Make sure they sit on the waist and do not drag on the floor. Stay away from low-rise or saggy trousers. Wear a belt or suspenders to make sure trousers stay up. Browns, navy blues and greys are the best options.


Button up shirts are acceptable for both men and women. Blouses and cardigans are good choices for women. Men can layer up with a sweater or a tank top, but keep in mind that subtle colours are the best options. Make sure the shirt is well pressed. Women should stay away from low-cut, see-through or overly revealing tops.


If wearing a skirt, make sure the length is below the knee. The skirt should not be a snug or tight fit. Modesty is the best option when dressing for the court. Do not wear wild or loud prints as they make your clothes a distraction from what you are trying to say or convey to the jury. Pair a skirt with a blazer to create a suit, or pair a skirt with a blouse and cardigan to give a professional look.


Dresses are an all-in-one outfit that are suitable for court. Make sure the hemline is below the knee and your chest is covered. Keep away from embellishments, such as an excessive amount of ruffles or sequins. If the dress is sleeveless, pair with a blazer or cardigan to cover your arms.


Keep the jewellery to a minimum. Only wear completely necessary pieces, such as your wedding band and a wrist watch. Wearing little jewellery helps keeps the jury from being distracted. Do not wear anything gaudy, flashy or oversized. Minimalistic is the best approach for jewellery when attending court.

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