Front Porch Ideas for Country Homes

Updated November 21, 2016

A front porch not only is an attractive architectural feature for a home, but also it provides a space to enjoy the outdoors. In country-style homes, the front porch is a pivotal design element. Many ways to design and decorate this space exist, but there are some guidelines for decorating in a country theme . Whether you want your country porch to be rustic or refined, modern or traditional, it can still be elegant and complement the look of your home.

Floral Arrangements

A connection with nature is important in creating the look of a country porch. This can be made with potted plants and floral arrangements. If you have a small table on the porch, fill a small glass vase or a mason jar with freshly cut flowers. Fill planters to make a container herb garden or arrange shade-loving plants on the steps leading up to the porch, or on the railing around the feature. House flowers in unconventional containers, such as wooden crates, tin watering cans or even old work boots.


Durable outdoor-friendly linens complement a country porch. Tablecloths, outdoor curtains, sun shades or upholstered furniture all fit nicely. Look for prints that feature stripes, floral patterns and gingham, and farm-inspired fabrics, such as those with chickens, cows or pigs.

Rocking Chairs

No country porch is complete without seating to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Rocking chairs have long been a favourite for this purpose. Cover the rocking chairs with decorative upholstered cushions for added comfort.

Ceiling Fixtures

Lighting fixtures and ceiling fans will not only add design elements to the front porch, they provide function and comfort to the space. Look for ceiling fans with painted wood blades or dark iron work. Iron lantern-style sconces will complement the walls of the front porch, especially if they are reminiscent of oil lamps.

Paint Treatments

In traditional country homes, the front porch has a high roof. Sometimes, the ceiling of the porch is painted in a contrasting colour than the rest of the home to add a burst of colour and interest. Aside from painting the ceiling, you can also paint the railing, flooring or walls of the home to better spotlight the front porch. To create an aged, rustic look for the front porch, you might choose to paint wood porches with an antiquing glaze or coloured stain instead of paint.

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