Birthday Games & Ideas for a 15-Year-Old Girl's Birthday

Updated November 21, 2016

When planning a birthday party for a 15-year-old girl, select a theme that interests the birthday girl. Plan the perfect theme along with entertaining games for her party guests. Games break the ice and introduce any unfamiliar faces at the party. With a few theme and game ideas, you have all you need to create a memorable party for a teen girl.

Beauty Party

Teen girls who love the "royal treatment" are sure to enjoy a beauty party. Ask adults to help you create a hair, make-up and nail station. The party guests can get their hair, make-up and nails done at the party. For the games, instead of having the adults do the makeovers, have each teen girl select a partner. The partners must do each other's make-up, nails and hair. Award prizes to the most creative, best, funniest and scariest makeovers. For another game, create a beauty scavenger hunt by hiding several items like make-up, hair accessories and jewellery around the party area. The girl who finds the most items wins the game.

Dance Party

For girls who love to dance, host a dance party. If budget allows, hire a DJ to play music at the party. If not, you can borrow or rent a karaoke machine. Play a game of dance roulette by writing several dance styles on a slip of paper and placing them in a bowl. Dance style examples include hip-hop, krumping, jazz, ballet and contemporary. Have the girls stand in a circle. Each girl must draw a slip and perform the dance style on the slip of paper in the middle of the circle for 30 seconds. Tell each girl to go twice. Award prizes for the best dance, most creative dance and funniest dance. For another dance game, tell the girls to divide into teams. The girls must put together a dance for a song. The best dance performance wins the game.

Sleepover Party

Create a sleepover party for a 15-year-old girl and her friends. Clear out the furniture and put several blankets, pillows, couch cushions and sleeping bags on the ground. The girls can watch scary movies, eat popcorn and gossip the night away. Play a game of flashlight hunt when it gets dark. Hide candy all over the yard. Give each girl a flashlight and a bag to hunt candy. The girls can keep the candy they find and another prize goes to the girl who finds the most candy. For another sleepover game, play glow-in-the-dark hot potato with a ball that glows in the dark. Ask the girls to sit in a circle and give one girl the glowing ball. Turn off the lights, play music and tell the girls to pass the ball around the circle. When the music stops, the girl holding the ball is out of the game. Eliminate one girl each round. The last girl remaining in the game is the winner.

Disco Party

Take it back to the 1970s with a disco party for teen girls. Girls can dress in bell-bottoms, go-go boots and funky sunglasses. Decorate the party area with a variety of bead curtains and disco balls. Create a disco ball relay race for the girls by giving each teen a plastic spoon and a miniature disco ball key chain. Mark a starting line and finish line 30 feet apart. The girls must place the miniature disco ball on the spoon and race to the finish line. The first girl across the finish line wins the race. For another game, have each girl select a partner, and give each pair a disco ball. The partners must stand five feet apart. When you say, "Toss," the girls must toss the ball to their partner. If they catch it, they are still in the game and must take one giant step back. If they drop it or miss it, they are out of the game. The players who can toss the disco ball from the farthest distance and catch it win the game.

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