Highly recommended portable foot spas

Written by trinise l. castro | 13/05/2017
Highly recommended portable foot spas
Review several foot spas before purchasing one. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Foot spas can relax and refresh tired feet, especially after a long work day. The best foot spas are built to allow you to rest your feet comfortably while soaking. Many have massage features or rolling action to stimulate reflexology. Some spas even have special features to create bubbles while rejuvenating the feet. A good foot spa should be resistant to leakages as well. Spa prices can cost from £13 to £130.

Viatek Ionic Energizer Foot Spa

The Viatek Foot Spa allows relaxation and natural detoxification at the same time. The system promotes the release of toxins from the skin during a maximum 30-minute session. When toxins are free from the body it can produce a more tranquil feeling for the user. Viatek's control unit has a built-in salt sensor featuring a 30-minute timer with LED indicators. It is equipped with a dual array foot spa system which creates both positive and negative ions to revitalise the body. Its massage bubble plate accelerates bubble action during use of the spa. The foot spa bowl combines with the dual array system's bioenergetic field to intensify relaxation. The bioenergetic field, also called "live energies," is the vital energetic force within the body which can be stimulated to bring balance to the body---through the flow of ions. The Viatek Ionic Energizer Foot Spa sells for about £117.

Aqua-Jet Foot Massage Spa

The Aqua-Jet Foot Massage Spa is highly recommended and exclusive to Brookstone. It is equipped with dual motors and two rotating hydro jets, as well as a soothing heat source which can warm up to 46.1 degrees C. The unit automatically maintains the temperature during use. The spa comes with a cordless remote control to adjust the water jet speeds and water temperature. A removable pumice stone is attached to buff away rough skin. The spacious foot basin is suitable for female or male feet---up to a men's size 13. For convenience, it is programmed to shut off automatically when no water is in the basin. The Aqua-Jet is priced at about £65.

Helen of Troy Hotspa Professional Ultimate Foot Bath

Helen of Troy's foot bath features a motorised pedicenter which rotates with the press of a foot, roller massagers in its basin, waterproof toe touch controls and an aromatherapy dispenser. Essential oils can be added to enjoy an aromatherapy-infused foot bath. The hot spa can heat cold water to a temperature warm enough to soothe the feet. One drawback is that the unit can be a bit noisy during use. The Helen of Troy Hotspa Professional Ultimate Foot Bath is available for about £52.

Dr. Scholl's Pedicure Foot Spa

The Dr. Scholl's Foot Spa is equipped with a vibrating massage with waterproof touch controls near the feet. Use it as a cordless unit or as a plug-in; either way the unit runs remarkably quiet. The cordless feature allows a maximum of 45 minutes of continuous power; plug it into a wall outlet to use it as long as desired. This spa comes with removable gel foot pads as well as reflexology roller plates to simulate acupressure points. The convenient carrying handles and low-profile design allow easy storage of the unit. The Dr. Scholl's Pedicure Foot Spa sells for around £26.

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