40th Anniversary Gifts for My Aunt & Uncle

Updated April 17, 2017

Several different gift options can represent how much you care about your aunt and uncle while helping them celebrate their 40th anniversary. Think about their specific interests as you decide on a gift you know they will love.

Traditional Gifts

The 40th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with the ruby. If you want to stick to a traditional gift for your aunt and uncle, give them a gift that features this. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, picture frames, earrings or cuff links that contain rubies are great traditional gifts. If you want to try a different approach, remember that the gifts don't have to actually contain rubies. They can simply utilise the deep red colour of a ruby to count as a traditional gift. For example, give an arrangement of deep red flowers, clothing items or household decorations.

Anniversary Party

An anniversary party, especially one that's a surprise, makes a great gift for an aunt and uncle's 40th anniversary. Talk to family members about working together to plan a special party that your aunt and uncle will love. It will also show them how much they mean to the family. Serve food and drinks your aunt and uncle like, and include some delicious desserts or a personalised cake. Decorate with flowers, streamers and pictures of the couple, and plan some entertainment for the party such as music, special toasts and any other games and events you know your family will love.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a gift guaranteed to be enjoyable because it can be personalised in so many ways. Think about what your aunt and uncle like and fill the basket with those items. The basket can include wine and beer, spa and vacation essentials, homemade baked goods, candy, an assortment of movies and music, and any other items you think your gift recipients would like. A creative spin on the anniversary gift basket is to fill a basket with different objects that were popular 40 years ago. Include any songs, movies, candy and big news items.

Personalised Picture Frame

Picture frames can be personalised in so many ways. Many picture frames can be found with words and phrases already on written on them that are specific to couples, love and family. Choose one of these frames or purchase any another frame and have it customised by getting it engraved. Find some pictures of your aunt and uncle and any children, pets, friends and other family they may have, and include the ones you think are most important in the frame. This gift idea works well with frames that offer areas to display multiple pictures.

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