German Bedroom Design and Decor

German bedroom design is functional and modern. Simple straight lines, minimal furnishings and clutter-free describe German bedroom decor. Multifunctional furniture designed for specific needs eliminates unnecessary furniture pieces. German beds are strategically constructed in an assortment of features and styles providing comfort, function and aesthetic appeal targeted for babies, children and adults.

Master Bedroom

The bed is the focal point of the master bedroom in German decor. Headboards are a common component of the German bed. German ergonomic technology has been incorporated into one bed designed with multiple adjustable bases that assist in relieving neck, back, hip and leg pain. Furniture is sleek, linear and functional. Accessories are minimal with a single, large piece of bold wall art commonplace. Simple colour palettes of black and white or browns mixed with beige and white are typical.

Children's Rooms

German children's rooms are created with design elements incorporating fun, colour and function. Space-accommodating bunk, single and loft beds are well-suited to German decor. Bright colours and favourite themes such as football or a tea party spark a child's imagination for creative playtime. Pull-out drawers from under a bed create useful storage space. A simple cabinet with doors provides storage for crafts and toys, while a small desk accommodates the elementary student.

Baby Rooms

Comfort and safety are considerations for the German baby room (nursery). Baby cots are cribs with a removable side and transition from the newborn to the older baby. Common colour themes integrate pink, yellow, orange, blue, red or green into a fresh white decor. Multifunctional baby-changing tables incorporate drawers, cabinets and shelves for storing blankets, toys and baby supplies. Free-standing wardrobes are movable and provide a place to hang baby's clothes.

Teen Bedrooms

A good bed is essential to the German teen bedroom design. Comfortable, supporting mattresses facilitate a good night's sleep during the teen years. A pull-out trundle bed saves space, while accommodating an overnight guest. A work area with shelves for books and a desk and chair promote good study habits. Bright colours and natural light aid in good morale. Personalisation of the space incorporates individuality and teen ownership of the room.

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