Tips on How to Make the Handles Stand Up on Pink Purse Cakes

Updated November 21, 2016

When you are creating a cake for someone in your life who enjoys fashion, a pink purse cake might be the perfect option. It's easy enough to make a cake that is shaped like a three-dimensional purse, but oftentimes the most difficult part of the cake baking process is making decorations that look real. Use candies and other cake decorating tools to make handles for the pink purse cake that will stand up and look just like the ones on a real cake.


One of the easiest ways to make the strap on your purse cake stand up is by using liquorice. Purchase an extra-long liquorice rope in a colour that coordinates with the details on the purse. You want an extra-long liquorice rope so that you can push it down into the cake, which will make it stand up better. Bend the rope over into a U-shape and push both ends down into the cake a couple inches.

Chocolate Chew

Use a long chocolate chew candy, such as a Tootsie Roll Giant, to make the strap for your purse cake. These chewy candies are extremely flexible, so when you shape the chewy candy, it will hold its shape. Bend the chocolate chew candy so that it takes on a U-shape. Leave the chewy candy sitting out on a plate for a few hours so that it will dry and be even more likely to hold its shape. Place the handle onto the top of the cake to serve as the handle.


Take a piece of florist's wire and use it to create the strap for your purse cake. Cut the wire to the appropriate length for the handle, plus a couple inches on each side that you will be able to insert into the cake. Bend the wire and take several piece of pink taffy and begin moulding it around the wire, covering the wire completely and smoothing it out. Leave a couple inches on each side free of the candy so that you can easily insert it into the cake. Place the wire inside the cake so that it will easily sit up on top.


Purchase some pre-made, pre-dyed fondant that you can use to make the purse strap for the cake. Scoop out some of the fondant and begin moulding it into a long, snakelike shape. Do this by rolling the fondant with your hands onto a clean, flat surface. Bend the shape into a half-circle and lay it on a surface to allow it to dry. When the fondant strap has dried, place it on top of the cake. Fondant easily keeps its shape and sticks to frosting, so it should remain in place.

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