Irish 25th Anniversary Gifts Traditions

Updated April 11, 2018

Celebrating a 25th anniversary is a major milestone in most cultures. Traditional gifts for celebrating this occasion typically include silver. Irish 25th anniversary gift traditions include silver as well, but they also focus on Irish symbolism, particularly as it relates to love, life, faithfulness, marriage and happiness. A variety of Irish 25th anniversary gift traditions have religious and spiritual undertones as well as historical meaning.

Claddagh-themed Gift Traditions

The crowned-heart-and-hands design of the Claddagh serves as a symbol for true love and faithfulness in Irish culture. Giving a silver gift that features the Claddagh celebrates timeless romance as well as Celtic tradition. Traditional gift ideas include matching silver anniversary bands, silver candle sticks embellished with a Claddagh symbol and silver goblets with a Claddagh crest. The goblets, in particular, have matrimonial significance, as an Irish bride and groom are traditionally presented with silver goblets and mead on their wedding night to ensure fruitfulness and fertility.

Trinity Knot-themed Gift Traditions

In Celtic tradition, the three segments of the Trinity Knot symbolise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity Knot is featured in many Irish 25th anniversary gift traditions to recognise the spiritual element of the married union. Gift ideas featuring the Trinity Knots include Celtic-themed, knot-embellished silverware and silver tea service with etched Trinity Knots on the surface.

Ogham Gift Traditions

Ogham is an ancient Irish script. Recognised as the first language of Ireland, wishes written in Ogham script were originally inscribed on stone. Today, these wishes can be found on jewellery, hand painted on paper or carved into plaques. Irish 25th anniversary gift traditions featuring Ogham include silver-framed scripts of Irish poems, blessings or prayers, silver anniversary photo albums with Ogham script detailing the anniversary date, place and names of the married couple and silver platters etched with an Ogham message of good will.

Celtic Jewelry Traditions for Women

Irish 25th anniversary gift traditions of giving silver jewellery are prevalent. Appropriate traditional gift ideas for women include silver bands with a raised Celtic knot or Claddagh motif, a silver Celtic Cross pendant, a silver St. Bridget's Cross or a bracelet or hair clip embellished the Celtic Tree of Life symbol. The symbol represents spiritual and emotional rebirth and celebration.

Celtic Jewelry Traditions for Men

Irish 25th anniversary gift traditions of giving gifts of jewellery to men abound. Traditional gift ideas include silver Trinity Knot cuff links, masculine Claddagh cross pendants or the Celtic Warrior pendant, which represents strength, faithfulness, loyalty and virility.

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