Cool Things to Make From Bamboo Skewers

Updated April 17, 2017

Crafting is a great way to express your creativity and let your imagination run wild. One way to do this is to look at everyday items in a new way and put them to use in a variety of projects. Bamboo skewers, available in kitchen, craft and grocery stores, come in different sizes. Combine them with other common supplies and make many cool craft projects.

Paper Flowers

Use scrapbooking papers, wrapping paper scraps, construction paper or cardstock to create a bouquet of paper flowers. Cut the paper into simple scalloped or pointed petal shapes, glue on a contrasting paper centre and attach the flower to a bamboo skewer with glue or tape. Make two identical flowers and attach the second to the back after attaching the skewer. Create an assortment of flowers from different papers and in different heights. Place a block of floral foam in a paper takeout box. Poke the skewers into the foam and fill the box with paper shreds.


Make miniature trees for your holiday village, model railroad set, dioramas or shadowboxes. Use a bamboo skewer as the trunk, and tear off the scrubby side of a kitchen sponge to create the branches. Cut the scrubby into small triangles, and wrap them around the skewer, gluing them in place as you work and moulding and twisting the tips to hang free as branches. Then spray paint them green. For more detail to your village or railroad scenes, make miniature flags with skewers to hang from windows, in town squares or on porches. Cut the skewers to the scale of your scene, and make the flag with fabric scraps. Paint details on the fabric with permanent markers and glue to the skewer. Glue the end into a button for a base.

Hanging Decorations

Create hanging decorations for year-round use. Make spider webs by wiring three or four overlapping bamboo skewers together in the centre. Weave a fine-gauge jewellery wire around each skewer to create a circle web. Hang a plastic spider and add glass beads for sparkle to the tips of the skewers. Make snowflakes in the same way, adding small glass beads along the wire as well as the skewers. Use more or fewer skewers to make a variety of snowflake designs.

Crafting Tools

In addition to being a handy craft supply, bamboo skewers make great craft tools. Keep them handy for a variety of uses. Decorate them and give them as gifts to your crafty friends. Use the tools for quilling, texturising clays, poking holes in clay beads, holding beads in place while stringing and moving papers gently while scrapbooking, among other crafty things. Make handled tools by forming polymer clay around the end with the flat tip. Form the handle so it is comfortable for your grip. Bake the clay on the skewer to create a permanent craft tool. Alternatively, thread beads with large holes onto the flat end of the skewer and glue them in place. Use beads that will be comfortable to hold when using the tool.

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