Alesis SR 16 Power Supply Specifications

Written by john demerceau | 13/05/2017
Alesis SR 16 Power Supply Specifications
The Alesis SR 16 power supply provides the power that the SR 16 drum machine needs to replicate the sounds of a full drum set. (David Oxberry/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

The Alesis SR 16 Power Supply is an external AC to DC converter that powers the Alesis SR 16 drum machine. This drum machine includes over 200 drum sounds and 50 preset patterns and it allows users to compose and program their own digital drum compositions. While the unit itself is light and portable, it is not designed to operate on batteries and the power supply is therefore a must.

Physical Characteristics

The Alesis SR 16 power adaptor, model number P3X110, is a typical AC adaptor for portable electronic devices. It consists of a black external transformer with a built-in U.S. 120 volt standard electrical plug. The wire that connects the transformer to the drum machine has a coaxial power connector at the end so that it can be inserted into the coaxial power jack of the drum machine. This adaptor is manufactured in Taiwan.

Power Output

The output of this AC adaptor is 9 volts DC at 830 milliamps. 830 milliamps (ma) is a standard amperage for this type of transformer. The DC electrical current that it produces is similar to that of a 9-volt alkaline or lithium battery.


The Alesis SR 16 power adaptor is certified by both the UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) and the CSA (Canadian Standards Association). It therefore conforms with standards for fire safety in both the United States and Canada.


This adaptor is also suitable for use in the following models of Alesis musical equipment: 3630, AI2, AirSynth, Akira, D4, DEQ224, DEQ230, iED04, iDM02, MEQ230, MicroVerb 3, MicroVerb 4, MidiVerb 4, NanoBass, NanoCompressor, NanoPiano, NanoSynth, NanoVerb, ModFX, PerformancePad, PicoVerb, Trigger IO and Vocal Zapper. It is also compatible with some Alesis MidiVerb 2 digital effects generators but this must be verified for each unit as some units use a different adaptor.

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