What Do Some Goth People Wear?

Written by jennifer vanbaren
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What Do Some Goth People Wear?
Goth people often dress in all black. (Photos.com/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

The "Goth" culture is a way of life that promotes individuality. People that are Goth, or Gothic, are often very easy to point out because of the way they dress and look. The Goth culture varies tremendously based on personal taste, and people that consider themselves Goth define, for themselves, who they are by how they decide to dress and look individually.

Black Clothing

Black clothing is one common generality that defines and points out people of the Gothic culture. Most dress in complete black, including their trousers, shirts, coats and shoes. Not all Goths wear all black, however. This culture is based around the ideas and styles that define the person as an individual; therefore, Goths may dress however they choose. Some wear dark colours such as deep red or navy blue, while some wear white---but most wear all black.

Other Clothing

Goth people wear an assortment of different clothing items, based on each person's tastes and personality. You may find them wearing white poet's shirts, which contain ruffles around the collar, or fishnet stockings, tights or skirts. Some choose to dress like certain animals or characters such as cats or fairies. Gothic people often wear pointy-toed shoes or combat boots, primarily in black.


Many Goths strive to have unnaturally pale skin. Goths often find this very attractive, and therefore, many of them wear very light coloured or white make-up that stands out dramatically against their black attire. They also may wear black lipstick and dark black eye make-up.

Piercings, Hair and Symbols

Goth people often sport many different types of body piercings and may stand out by the colour of their hair. Some common hair colours are black, very light blond, red and purple. Certain symbols are common in the Goth culture, and may appear on their clothing, jewellery or tattoos; these include the Christian cross, a Wiccan pentacle, a Satanic pentacle or an Egyptian "Eye of Ra." Goths tend to wear silver jewellery, including chokers around their necks.

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