Nursing Presentation Topics

Updated February 21, 2017

Nurses are an important part of any health care facility. They directly impact hospital functions and have close relationships with patients. A presentation topic on nursing can address many parts of the field, including the role nurses should take in specific situations; issues and controversies in the field; and the way technology affects nursing.

Race & Gender

Confront topics of race and gender in the nursing profession. Specific topics to mention include differences in pay, on-the-job treatment and likelihood of employment based on those demographic characteristics. In 1993, an article in the Medical Anthropology Quarterly argued that racism in nursing was not openly dealt with because of job attributes that include an emphasis on empathy, a preference for homogeneity and a need to avoid conflict. Discuss whether this still holds true, or if issues involving race and gender are beginning to be dealt with in the field.

Death Rate Factors

Nursing home residents experience different death rates based a number of factors. Present these factors and their contribution to that death rate in a presentation. For example, a 2004 article in "Medical Care" reported that Medicaid-funded residents had a higher death rate than privately funded residents. Discuss this factor and others, including residents' personality characteristics and the facilities available to a nursing home. Suggest changes policymakers can make in order to reduce the risk of death for patients who may be prone to a higher death rate based on the factors discussed.


In a presentation, bring up the role nurses should take in facilitating learning and relearning for patients undergoing neurorehabilitation. After receiving brain trauma, patients may need to relearn skills lost in the process. This becomes a challenge for many, especially for those whose learning habits have been altered by their trauma. Talk about the importance of positive reinforcement for nurses in this process and suggest ways that nurses can help patients in the neurorehabilitation process.

Nursing Communities

Discuss the importance of having a sense of community among nurses and the benefits those communities have on nursing professionals. Look at this topic from different viewpoints. For example, a close look at one hospital or nursing home can show how interpersonal relationships between the nurses that work there influence individuals and their working habits. Also, take a look at a larger nursing community. Assess how technology and Internet communication methods are able to strengthen that community through the ease of sharing research, information and support across county, state and national boundaries.

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