Easy Noah's Ark Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

When teaching young children the rewarding story of Noah's Ark, prepare a few easy crafts for them to do. Crafts give children a hands-on activity to do while they learn about the story. Simple and easy crafts can be done at home, Sunday school or preschool. A few inexpensive supplies, some craft ideas and children with wild imaginations are all you need to get started.

Animal Cracker Craft

For an easy craft, give each child a sheet of paper and a bowl of animal crackers. Have the children glue any identical animals in pairs on the sheet of paper. Of course, you can allow them to eat their extra animal cookies. For added decoration, have the children colour the animal crackers with markers. Tell them to make sure each pair of animals matches. Apply a coat of clear paint or nail polish to each animal cracker to make it shiny.

Edible Noah's Ark

Have the children sit around a table and give each child a sheet of waxed paper. Very carefully, break taco shells in half lengthwise. You will now have pieces that look like half tortillas, with one round side and one straight side. For another option, break large round tortilla chips in half. Give each child three of these taco shell semicircles to create the bottom of the ark. Lay taco shells flat on the paper, with the rounded sides forming the bottom of the boat. Give the children graham crackers and pretzel sticks to create the top of the ark. The children can use peanut butter or frosting to stick animal crackers on the ark. After the children finish, they can eat it.

Noah's Animal Match

Hand each child two index cards and a picture of an animal, such as a zebra, a giraffe or an elephant. The children must use the picture as a guide to draw the animal on both of the cards using markers and crayons. After the children finish, mix all the cards together and place them face down on a table. The children can play a game of match. The child with the most pairs wins the game. Laminate the animal pictures to make them more durable and last longer.

Rainbow Crafts

For an easy rainbow craft, give each child a sheet of white construction paper. The children can paint a rainbow on the paper using a variety of acrylic paints. Instead of paints, they can also use markers, chalk or paint pens. Spray or sprinkle glitter on the rainbows to make them sparkle. For another rainbow craft, give the children different-coloured pipe cleaners to tape or glue on a sheet of construction paper. Have them paint large clouds at the ends of the rainbow for added decoration. Another option is to glue cotton balls at the ends of the rainbow to create the clouds.

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