Twirly whirly plastic canvas crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Twirly plastic canvas craft projects can add a nice touch to your garden. Plastic canvas strips can be formed into pinwheels, whirligigs and wind spinners. Plastic canvas comes in a variety of coloured sheets and can be cut into any shape. Adding string and beads can transform your canvas pieces into artistic designs.

Shell Twirler

The shell twirler can have various uses and can be made using a few colours of plastic canvas. This type of whirly plastic canvas craft has a seashell look to it. The shell twirler is made with a coat hanger, fishing line, a fishing swivel, interlocking beads and a wooden clothes peg. It takes 27 strips of plastic canvas being five holes wide and 70 holes long. Bend a loop in one end of the wire coat hanger to prevent the beads and canvas from sliding off. Alternate adding plastic canvas strips at the ends and beads to the wire to create the rounded shell look. The fishing swivel attaches at the bottom with the wooden peg.

Wind Spinner

The spiral shaped wind spinner is done using two contrasting colours. First cut two long pieces, one of each colour, with every other row cut out along the edges to create a fringe look. The length needs to be one hole wide and 27 holes long. Cut out every other row on each side of the length to be 40 holes wide. Then cut two long strips of one colour to sew onto the edges of the fringes. The strips need to be two holes wide and 77 holes long. A plastic canvas yarn needle is used with matching colour yarn to sew the long strips along the fringes. The spinner will twist as you go and create a rounded shape.


The pinwheel twirler requires three different colours. Cut out two squares from each colour measuring 42 holes by 42 holes. Then cut into each of the corners of your squares, stopping about five holes from the middle. Slide the middle of one square onto a wire and bend a loop in the bottom end of the wire. Add some beads to the wire. Slide four corners of the square onto the wire to create the pinwheel. Add beads in between each plastic canvas square and repeat to complete your pinwheel spinner.

Large Sprial Twirler

This is a large version of the wind spinner that is more time-consuming to make. You need two strips of each size of plastic canvas being five holes wide and from five holes long up to 61 holes long. This one can be arranged in any way you like. This twirler has a tapered look to it, with the strips ranging from longer to shorter and back to longer again. Once you add the strips with beads in between onto a wire, weave yarn in and out of each of the strips, connecting them and making them sturdy to handle the wind and to keep its spiral shape.

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