What gifts do you give at a renewal of vows?

Updated July 19, 2017

A vow renewal is a ceremony where a married couple renews their wedding vows in a front of a group of family and friends. Since the couple is already married, traditional wedding gifts meant to help a couple set up a new house together are unnecessary. Many couples who renew their vows ask their guests not to bring gifts. Even with this in mind, some guests may decide to bring a gift to the couple. Gifts for a vow renewal ceremony should focus more on the love between the couple than household gifts that are traditionally seen at weddings.

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Create a sentimental gift for a couple renewing their vows. Enlarge and frame a picture of the couple on their wedding day or create a scrapbook with photos of their wedding. If a special song or poem was used at their wedding, write the words on pretty paper and frame it as a decoration for their home. Someone who is savvy at creating video presentations can create a video montage of photos of the couple. Gather photos of the couple from the time they met through the present time and set it to music. Include video clips from the wedding as well.

Anniversary Year Gift

There are traditional gifts for each year of marriage. Find out how many years the couple who is renewing their vows has been married and consult a list of gifts for inspiration. For instance, the traditional gifts for a 10th anniversary include diamond jewellery, daffodils, aluminium or tin. A gift for a vow renewal for a couple who has been married for 10 years could include a daffodil plant for their home, a set of diamond earrings for her and diamond cuff links for him or an aluminium sculpture for their home.

Experience Gifts

Give the couple renewing their wedding vows an experience gift. Buy a gift card from a limousine service, the couple's favourite restaurant and a local hotel so the couple can have a special night out on the town. Another way to create an experience for the couple is to create a gift basket in a theme. A couple who enjoys golf will appreciate a gift basket with new golf balls and a gift card to a pro-shop. If the couple likes movies, buy movie tickets and some snacks for a gift basket. Or, simply invite the couple over for a homemade dinner and night of games. Put the invitation into a card and give it to them on the day of their renewal.

Homemade and Other Gift Ideas

A couple renewing their vows might appreciate a homemade gift. Bake a cake or special dessert for the couple to enjoy the day after the renewal ceremony. A homemade card or a heartfelt letter of admiration for the couple is another thoughtful gift. If the couple has a particular need for their home, such as a new coffee maker, it is appropriate to purchase this item as a gift to them on their wedding vow renewal day.

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