Ten Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

Updated February 21, 2017

A boyfriend is not just for Christmas, and sometimes a girl can find it hard to get out of the rut of staying in and watching television, week in, week out. No matter how much money you have as a couple, many entertainment options exist for you both to go out and have a good time.

Cook Dinner Together

Cooking can bring out the fun in a relationship, and food items like flour and chocolate sauce can be bandied about, messing up the kitchen. Despite the potential for a kitchen that looks like a bomb hit it, cooking together allows you to find out more about his tastes and preferences, along with his culinary and washing-up prowess.

Go to the Fair

Every couple, no matter what age, can spend an evening out at the local fair, eating candyfloss and risking their necks on daredevil rides. Your boyfriend can also impress you by winning a teddybear prize for you in the fairground feats of strength.

Read to Each Other

Pick one of his favourite books and read it to him. For one man, this could be science fiction, and for another it may be a motorcycle magazine, but the point is that what you're reading to him is something he is interested in hearing. This activity costs nothing and does not even necessitate leaving the couch.

Spend a Day Being Cultural

Put on some smart clothes and spend the day visiting museums and galleries, soaking up the culture and taking a break from more prosaic activities such as watching movies. Then end the day with a nice meal out if you have cash left over, or a hot takeaway eaten on the steps of the museum if you're short on money.

Go to Classes Together

If your boyfriend is interested, you could both go and learn a new skill together, like a different language or dancing. Then you can practice what you've learnt outside of the class, and use it in the future when you go on vacation or to a dance club.

Play a Game Outside

Start a pickup game of frisbee or tennis outside in the garden or in the park. See if his chivalry allows him to lose to you or if his competitive streak means you have to try your best to beat him.

Do Something He Thinks He Won't Like

Test a macho boyfriend's personality with a visit to the opera or the ballet, just to shake it up a bit. If your man is a sensitive, bookish type, bring him out to a monster truck rally or to a football game.

Fix Your Car Together

Save money on a mechanic and rope your boyfriend into helping you with your car. The two of you can turn auto maintenance into a fun few hours outside, and you might be able to learn something about cars from each other.


An entirely free entertainment is to sit on a park bench and watch the world go by. Talk about the people that pass you by, and invent elaborate stories about their background to pass the time.

Achieve a Goal

Ask your boyfriend about all the things he wishes he could do, and then choose one to do together. This could range from a bungee jump, to a skinny-dip, to being able to make a giant pizza with all the toppings, but it doesn't matter as long as you can do it together.

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