Ways to remove moles with honey

There are many different treatments for removing moles on one's body. Some of the methods are costly and painful, while others can be done in the home over a period of time. The severity of the mole problem and how quickly you want to get rid of it, determine which method you use. Honey has been used for many years as a low-cost, low-energy remedy for moles, but it takes time and patience to completely remove a mole from your body.

Two Times Daily Treatment

When you wake up in the morning, apply the purest form of honey that you can find to the affected area. Also, before you go to sleep at night, again apply the honey to the affected area. This method is the most common because it doesn't involve any preparation. Most importantly, remember to apply the honey every day; gaps in the application will lead to a lengthier healing time.


Using a semi-abrasive surface, rub the outer surface of your mole. Apply honey liberally to the mole, rubbing in a circular motion. After application, place an adhesive bandage on the mole to keep in the moisture throughout the day. Don't do this again until the next day, as too much abrasion on the mole's surface may cause it to become irritated or cause an infection.

Warm Press

At night, soak a towel in hot water and apply it to the affected area. Firmly press the towel to the skin for 15 to 30 seconds; this allows the pores of your skin and the mole to open and the honey application to take hold. After the towel press, rub the pure honey into the mole. Cover it with an adhesive bandage so you don't rub off the honey during the night.

Heated Honey

Heat a generous amount of honey in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. Using your index and middle fingers, scoop up some honey and rub vigorously into the skin of the affected area. The heat of the warm honey has the same effect as the previous method. It has been speculated that heating the honey breaks down its healing properties, therefore, it takes longer for this method to work.

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