The best birthday cakes for 13-year-olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Choosing anything for a 13-year-old can be difficult, because their likes and dislikes are constantly changing. When you are creating a birthday cake for a young person who is turning 13 years old, be sure to talk with her about her interests, personality and cake designs she likes. That way, you can be sure that you are creating the best cake for her, because the best cake for one new teen could be drastically different from that of another.


Make a cake that is shaped like the numbers "1" and "3" to celebrate the age the teen is turning. Use cake pans that are shaped like numbers to do this, or carve the numbers out of a large cake using a serrated knife. Frost and decorate the number cakes in a way that coordinates with the birthday party. Another option is to bake a sheet cake in the shape of your choice, frost it and create the number 13 using candies.


Many young people love music, so make a cake that reflects his love of singers, bands and songs. For example, make a cake shaped like a music note or pipe music notes all over the cake with frosting. Another option is to pipe the logo of his favourite band onto the cake or the lyrics from his favourite song. You could also make a cake in the shape of his favourite musical instrument or an MP3 player.


Let the teenager's favourite hobby inspire the design of the cake you choose. For example, many teenage girls enjoy dancing. Make a tiered round cake and place a dancer figurine or a pair of plastic ballet slippers on top of the cake. For a teenager who likes fashion, make a cake in the shape of a high-heeled shoe or a handbag. Many teenagers love watching movies, so consider decorating a cake so that it looks like a reel of film from an old-fashioned movie camera.


Sports is a big deal for many teenagers. Making a cake so that it looks like the ball used in his favourite sport is quite simple. For many sports, like baseball, basketball and soccer, a round cake is easily decorated to look like the sports ball. Another idea is to bake a rectangular cake and use frosting to pipe the sports field onto the cake. You could also decorate a cake in the colours of his favourite sports team and pipe the team's logo or mascot onto the cake.

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