Foods that husky dogs eat

Updated April 17, 2017

Huskies are intelligent, strong-willed dogs, bred specifically to pull sleds in cold climates. As working dogs, huskies possess huge amounts of energy and require a great deal of exercise. The right food can keep your dog happy, healthy and eager to work, while the wrong foods can result in health problems. Take care to choose the right food for your husky, based on its weight and age, while avoiding any ingredients to which your dog is allergic.

Kibble and Canned Foods

The quickest option for feeding your husky are kibbles and canned dog foods. Most pet stores carry a wide variety of dog foods, which are formulated for different life stages and activity levels. When selecting commercial dog food, purchase one that has chicken, beef, lamb or fish as the first ingredient. Avoid dog food that lists "meat" without mentioning what animal it comes from, and steer clear of dog foods that use artificial colours or flavours. You may need to try a few different kinds of dog food before finding one your husky prefers.

Raw Diet

Raw diets are beneficial for some dogs, as it more closely mimics the diet of dogs in the wild, but may cause health issues for some. A raw dog food diet should be comprised primarily of organic meats, fish and bones, as well as some fruits and vegetables; the amount necessary will vary depending on your husky's age and activity level. Talk to your veterinarian before switching your dog to a raw food diet to ensure your dog's safety and health. It is also possible to feed a combination of raw food and kibble.

Vitamins and Minerals

Since huskies were bred in the north, they have adapted to eat certain foods and require nutrients that other dogs may not require in the same quantities. Huskies need higher levels of zinc than other dogs, and zinc deficiency can cause problems with their skin. Consider supplementing your husky's diet with zinc, or feeding more foods high in this important mineral. Vitamin C can also be an issue, though this depends on your husky's overall diet. While a dog's diet typically provides its full nutritional requirements, a multivitamin supplement may be helpful.


Wait at least half an hour before walking or exercising your husky after feeding. Feed your dog at specific times of day, and try to avoid breaking the routine. Do not leave food out, especially if you choose to feed raw foods, to avoid obesity and the risk of contamination. Water, however, should always be available.

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