Signs that he's interested in being more than friends

Updated April 17, 2017

Sometimes it seems impossible to notice the signs and signals that a man is interested in being more than friends. While some men might be direct with their feelings, other men may choose to convey interest by actions. To determine whether he wants to move to the next level, pay attention to both his actions and words. If all else fails, speaking with him directly concerning his true intentions may result in success.


Take notice of the amount of attention he gives you whenever the two of you are together. If he intently listens to you and often responds or comments, then he is likely interested in what you are saying. You can also gauge his interest by the amount of information he remembers, such as your birthday or other significant events. Pay special attention to his reactions as you speak to him each time. If he looks bored, then he may be thinking of other things. If he seems interested or intrigued, then likely he is. If he maintains eye contact with you throughout the conversation instead of looking away or playing with his cell phone, then he truly wants to hear what you are saying.


A sign that he may be interested in you is the amount of help he offers you around the house or while out in public. These tasks may be simple, such as carrying a grocery bag or more difficult, such as helping you with a home repair. These tasks convey that he is making sure you are comfortable and taken care of when he is around you. Sometimes, he may even offer help just as an excuse to spend time with you.


A man may show his interest in a woman by attempting to get to know her friends and family. This is a sign that he wants to make a good impression to those closest to you. For many people, the ability for a partner to get along with friends and family is important, and it is likely he knows this. For him, this may just be the key to improving his chances of a relationship with you.


When discussing potential or past dates with him, you may discover that he does not like or shows little interest for other guys you mention. He may often find excuses for you to not go on dates or may have strong opinions about dates to sway your decision. These actions may be the direct result of his jealousy bubbling to the surface, as he wants to be with you instead.

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