Crafts with Clear Acetate

Written by andy klaus | 13/05/2017
Crafts with Clear Acetate
Clear acetate is not just serious business; it's ideal for fun crafts, too. (Dynamic Graphics Group/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images)

If you've ever worked in an office before, you probably saw clear acetate sheets used in many ways. In the business world, many projects use them as covers for business folios, printed content for layered reports or even as pages to display on an overhead projector. The versatility of clear acetate makes it an candidate for a number of crafts.


Few crafts benefit from clear acetate as much as miniatures. From the straightforward windowpanes of the classic dollhouse to the elaborate portals of model ships, clear acetate is a painless substitute for rigid plastics that are considerably more difficult to craft. Acetate is great for scene accessories as well, such as jars, cups, plates, bottles or any glassware. With a little colouring or printed texturing, acetate creates a convincing surface for ponds or other bodies of water.


With little more than acetate painting sticks or coloured markers, you can transform a clear acetate sheet into a card for almost any occasion. If you are not so artistically inclined, you can put images on your acetate using your home printer. The clear card creates an aesthetic that augments any gift without taking away from the packaging or the gift itself. Used as placeholders at weddings or other events, cards made of acetate sheets make instant conversation pieces.

Fashion Accessories

Clear acetate makes a versatile addition to almost any fashion craft. You can cut acetate into thin strips and weave it into handbags or purses with little more difficulty than using canvas. You can also accent purses by creating a peek-a-boo frame for pictures of loved ones or other creative imagery. For the Trekkie, printed clear acetate creates a realistic depiction of a computer display that augments a tricorder handbag or LCARS purse in a way few other materials could accomplish.

Artistic Crafts

Because it is easily cut, acetate makes an ideal stencil for scrapbooking, sketching or painting. Because it easily accepts paints, markers and many other colouring media, acetate also makes excellent accent elements for a photograph, drawing or textured artistic project, such as placing acetate leaves over a painting of a tree. Acetate can also be used to sandwich media, such as clay, magazine pictures or flowers, to create a letterbox style "painting."

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