Church pew flowers for weddings

Updated November 21, 2016

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so when you are getting married in a church, make sure that the decorations are fitting of the occasion. One way to dress up the church is to affix arrangements of flowers to the pews that line the wedding aisle. There are lots of different ways to decorate the pews using fresh, fragrant flowers.


Choose a type of arrangement for the church pews that will coordinate with the rest of the wedding decorations that you have chosen. For example, you could select round flower pomanders, miniature bouquets, large swags of flowers, or even a single stem. If your decor is extravagant, a large swag might make the most sense, while a more classic and spare design scheme might be better complemented by a single stem or small bouquet.

Types of Flowers

Talk with your florist, wedding planner or whomever is helping you decorate for your wedding when you choose the flowers you will use to adorn the church pews. For example, the flowers can contrast in colour or style with the other floral arrangements you are using in the church, or they can be similar to the bride's bouquet or the bridesmaid's bouquets. Some flowers, such as roses, are sturdier and might be better than such a preparation than other delicate flowers, like orchids.


Adding accessories to your church pew floral design can complement the flowers and add another design element to the look. For example, if you tie the flowers to large bows made with ribbon, you can use the ribbon to secure the flowers to the pews. Another idea is to string tulle from one church pew to another like bunting for an extravagant look. Make sure that your guests can enter the pews from the other side. Add other elements to your church pew arrangements as well, such as fall leaves, pine cones, large green leaves and other elements.


Decorating the church pews for your wedding ceremony can give the wedding decor a finishing touch and can help tie all of the decorations together. Some brides opt for church pew aisle flowers rather than spreading flower petals all over the aisle. If you choose less expensive flowers to use for your church pew decorations, this can also be an economical way to transform the sanctuary for your wedding.

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