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The birth of a baby is cause for celebration and a joyous moment that is often marked beforehand with a baby shower. Baby showers generally consist of gifts, grub and the oft-dreaded games. Games at baby showers are meant to poke a little fun at the mom-to-be and offer some added excitement during the party. If you're hosting a baby shower, there are numerous games you can play that won't result in looks of frustration from the guests once they begin.

Guessing Games

Baby food will soon become a staple in the home of the mom-to-be, so prepare her early. Pick up a variety of baby foods at the local supermarket and remove the labels from each. Blindfold each guest for a blind taste test. Award a prize to the guest who guesses the most correctly. The string game is another type of guessing game, this time related to mom's belly. Have the mom-to-be measure her belly with string and cut it the length of her tummy. Give each guest a chance to cut their own piece of string based on how big they think her pregnancy belly is. Give a prize to the guest who most accurately predicts the mom-to-be's belly size.

Memory Games

Play "Name that Lullaby," a spin-off of "Name that Tune." Play a few seconds of a selection of treasured lullabies and award a prize to the guest who gets the most correct. Another game is to have guests try to remember a series of baby items. Prior to the event, purchase products such as bibs, diapers, pacifiers, bottles or anything else baby-related. Place all items on a tray and let the guests look at them for a small amount of time. Remove the tray and ask guests to write down all items they remember. Award a prize to the guest who guesses the most. Give the baby items to the guest of honour.

Name Games

One of the biggest dilemmas that parents-to-be face is choosing a name for their little ones. Incorporate the name theme into the shower by playing a few name games. Write a list of baby names already under consideration and some the mother-to-be may not yet have considered. Write their meanings on the opposite side of the paper. Have guests match which name goes with which meaning. If the parents have already chosen a name, write it on a piece of paper and invite guests to make as many words from the letters of the name as they can in a minute. Or, as a keepsake, have each guest write a selection of favourite names in a small book and present it to the guest of honour for additional baby name options.

Active Games

Load up on toilet paper and play the "Diaper the Baby" game, a variation on a bridal shower game where guests create a wedding dress out of toilet paper. In this case, ask guests to choose a partner and have one partner place a toilet paper diaper on the other. Or, give each attendee a small container of clay and ask them to create a baby. In both games, have the mother-to-be choose the best design.

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