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The front of your home gives guests and first-time visitors their initial impression of your house. In particular, your exterior entryway can have a significant impact because it is the first area of your home that guests enter. Creating an attractive, welcoming look for the area can instantly make visitors feel more comfortable and provide you with an exterior that you are proud to show off. Many front porch and entryway options can achieve this vibe, but your home's architectural style should play a role in determining which is the best fit.

Country Porch

For a classic, traditional look, a country-style porch may be the ideal option for your home. Country-styles porches typically span the entire front portion of a house and are wide enough to house rocking chairs, a porch swing or other seating options. Their design is known for its simplicity, with most featuring only plain columns. However, others do make use of porch railings and balusters. Usually no decorative trim is on a country-style porch, though, so the effect is a clean, open design. Most country-style porches are painted white for a bright, attractive look. While there is something slightly old-fashioned about a country-style porch, it is one of the most effective ways to create a welcoming look for the front of your home.


For a home that is too small to accommodate a porch, a portico can offer an attractive, formal look entryway. The portico roof provides overhead cover for guests who are arriving at your home and creates a distinct area for your home's front door. The columns add a more dramatic flair to the portico and give it a more structured appearance. You can choose a style of column that matches your home's architecture for a unified look.

Contemporary Porch

If you like the idea of a porch but your home has a modern design, opt for a contemporary-style porch. It can provide a warm, inviting look for the front of your home, but it is smaller in size than a country-style porch and features a simple, sophisticated design that makes use of geometric shapes. Instead of using white paint for the railing, a contemporary porch usually draws on a neutral colour palette with brighter accent shades sprinkled throughout. It may also mix materials for a more textured look, such as pairing stone columns with wood flooring. A contemporary porch is often paired with large windows along the front portion of the house to give the space an open feel.

Gable Overhang

For an entryway that is on the small side, you can add a gable overhang over your front door. Like a portico, it provides overhead protection for individuals who arrive at your home. However, it is connected directly to the house, so it does not require columns to support it. When paired with a decorative landing made from stone or brick, it can create a distinct feeling for your entryway that solidifies the look of the front of your home.

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