Brother-Sister Costume Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Dressing-up in costumes is fun whether it is for Halloween or a masquerade party. Though a brother and sister can dress in individual costumes, sometimes it is more fun to dress as a pair with a theme in mind. No matter the age of the siblings or the occasion, choosing to dress as a pair with a theme will make people look twice.

Pre-School Costume Ideas

Preschool-aged siblings can dress in themed costumes for a costume party or Halloween. Mickey & Minnie Mouse costumes are good choices for a brother-and-sister team. You can buy the costumes or create your own. A Mickey Mouse costume can be made with a black turtleneck, black tights and red shorts. Sew large white buttons on the shorts and add a black yarn tail. Use yellow bedroom slippers for shoes. For a Minnie Mouse costume, attach large, white paper dots to a red dress. Wear black tights and dress shoes. Make Mickey and Minnie ears by cutting circles out of black paper and gluing them to a head band. Use face paint to add whiskers and a nose. Other possible preschool costume ideas are Bob the Builder and Wendy, Jack and Jill, Hansel and Gretel and Little Bo Peep and a lamb.

Elementary School-Age Costumes

Consider dressing elementary school-aged children as Sponge Bob and Sandy (his squirrel friend), or Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Beauty and the Beast is another good costume choice for a brother and sister. Beauty, or Belle, can wear a yellow ball gown and Beast should have brown fur all over his body.

"Tween" and Teen Costumes

Young teens who want to dress as a pair may consider coupling a computer costume with a mouse. A computer costume can be made out of a cardboard box, while a mouse costume can be made by cutting the shape out of cardboard and painting it grey. Attach the mouse cut-out to a black or grey running suit with duct tape. Other brother-and-sister costume possibilities for young teens, or "tweens," include iCarly and her big brother, Spencer, from the Nickelodeon show, iCarly, or Snow White and one of the seven dwarfs.

Adult Sibling Costumes

Even adult siblings might want to go to a costumed event in themed costumes. Consider famous brother and sisters in pop culture. Dressing as Donnie and Marie Osmond could be fun. Emulate the duo's look from the 1970s with a purple jumpsuit and matching dress and dark brown wigs. Carry a microphone and learn some Osmond tunes. Don't forget to outfit Donnie with purple socks -- that was his trademark! Charlie Brown and Lucy make good choices also, as would Bonnie and Clyde.

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