Art Activities About the Holy Trinity for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

The Christian idea of the Holy Trinity can be difficult to understand, even for adults. Make the concept of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit a little easier for children in your Sunday School class to understand by doing arts-and-crafts projects with them that help cement the concept.

Trinity Pyramid

Create a pyramid to illustrate the idea of the Holy Trinity in younger children. Help kids cut a piece of construction paper or card stock so that there are four triangles attached to a square in a sort of pointy cross. Write "The Father" on one triangle with a picture of a throne, "The Son" with a picture of a cross on another, and "The Holy Spirit" on a third with a dove. The fourth triangle should have the verse from Matthew 28:19, which underlines the importance of teaching and understanding the Trinity, written on it. Kids should fold each triangle into the square to create a crease line. Hold two triangles together and use rubber cement on the seams. Make sure they keep the triangles in place until the rubber cement has dried. Repeat on all four sides to create the pyramid.


It is said that the Irish Saint Patrick used a shamrock to teach children about the Holy Trinity. Use the same tactic on your Sunday school class. Help students cut out three equally sized hearts from green construction paper. Each heart should have one component of the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) and its respective symbol drawn onto it. Have kids colour a craft stick green with a marker and allow it to dry to prevent green fingers. Once dry, have kids glue the three hearts to the stick in order. This demonstrates that the three components of the Holy Trinity are three separate entities that combine to form one God.

Tongue Depressor Trinity

This craft is a simple way to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to younger children. Make sure you put down a dust sheet to prevent damage to furniture before beginning this art project. Have kids colour three craft sticks however they want using any colour (except black) markers. A craft stick that is coloured black will not show the writing. Hopefully, all three sticks are a different colour, but it is not crucial that they are if children are too young to follow that direction. Write each component of the Holy Trinity onto a separate craft stick with a black marker. Kids can then put a drop of glue onto each end of the craft stick and press them together to form a triangle. Once the glue has dried, use a ribbon to hang up the Trinity triangles around the classroom.


Use hard-boiled eggs to demonstrate the concept of the Holy Trinity, especially if the Easter holiday is drawing close. Boil a dozen or so eggs so that there are enough eggs for each person in your Sunday school class as well as one for yourself. Allow children to use egg dye to colour the outsides of their eggs. Once everyone has finished and the eggs are drying, use a serrated knife to cut your shelled egg in half. Ask children what parts they see. Kids should respond with the shell, the yolk and the white. Explain how the Holy Trinity is like the egg, with three parts forming one whole, as with God.

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