Gifts that kids can make for a dad's birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Handmade gifts add a special touch to an occasion, especially if it is a birthday. For your dad's upcoming birthday, create a meaningful present instead of purchasing something from the store. Your dad will love the thought behind the gift and the time and effort you spent on making something specially for him. Whether you are on a budget or want to do something creative, there are many ideas for creating a gift for your dad.

Memory Gifts

Make a sentimental gift for your dad to evoke past memories he can preserve and treasure forever. Create a scrapbook of photos and memorabilia back from when he was younger to current ones. Paste the photos and memorabilia on sheets of paper and arrange them in chronological order before binding the sheets together. Choose a photo of your dad and his children for the front cover. Alternatively, compile a picture album for your dad with memorable photos from the past and present, or a photo collage with pictures of family members. You can also print a forgotten picture of your dad or your parents and place it in a plain frame. Paste decorative accents, such as beads, gems and glitter, over the frame so it stands out.

Paper Gifts

Make dad a card on his birthday he can proudly display in his office or at home. Use construction paper and crayons or coloured pencils to create a card that expresses your love and respect for him. Alternatively, create a coupon book with coupons for activities such as "One Hug," "Help Take Out the Trash," "Back Rub," "Help Wash the Car," "Clean Dishes after Dinner" and "Walk the Dog" that your dad can use whenever he likes. If your dad travels a lot, create decorate luggage tags for his suitcases so he remembers you whenever he's away from home. Other ideas include a certificate that reads "Best Dad Award," a handwritten poem he can mount on his wall or a handmade painting or portrait he can frame.

Sports Gifts

If dad's a sports fanatic, make him a sport-related gift he can use while playing his favourite game. For instance, a golfing dad will appreciate a golf towel he can use during play. Sew a 1-inch tape around the sides of a 16-inch-by-20-inch terry cloth. Pound a 1/2-inch-wide hole for the grommet 2 inches from the top and toward the centre of the towel. Place the grommet on one side and clasp its back to the other before inserting a metal clip through the grommet. Alternatively, create a personalised item of clothing for your dad. Take a photo of your dad's favourite team, favourite player or even one of him enjoying a game in the stadium. Print the photo on iron-on transfer paper and iron it over a shirt, jacket, sweatshirt or even a cap.


If you are skilled at handwork, create a personalised item for your dad he is sure to love and treasure as a keepsake when you grow older. For instance, crochet a wall hanging or key chain, knit a sweater or scarf, embroider a pillow case with his initials or name over it or cross stitch a scene from his favourite vacation spot. You can even sew scraps of fabric together to create a throw he can use while relaxing on a cold night.

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